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Making gold off Burning Crusade prospecting

Yeah, you read right, I'm going back to burning crusade when the new expansion just hit, why? Simply because everyone is busy with the new expansion, while the old money makers are simply getting no love, and in fact, a new expansion really boosts these types of ways, as it drives people who were normally doing it out because they're simply too focused on Cataclysm.

Any who, today we'll be talking about buying and prospecting Adamantite Ore. One of the great things about doing this is that prospecting adamantite yields adamantite powder, which is a item essential while leveling Jewelcrafting. '

Currently on my server, adamantite ore goes for 20-25g per stack, and yields roughly 3-4 adamantite powder per stack. Adamantite powder goes for 14-20g on my server, and now that there is no competition, I'm sure you can push to 30 or even 40. The basic idea is, the powder pays for the ore and more, making whatever gems you get out of the ore, pure profit.

The reason this powder sells so well is because many people follow guides blindly, and most guides tell them to use this powder to level up. There are cheaper ways to level through the specific level without using this powder, but like said, most people follow guides blindly and simply want to level up.

Get to buying that adamantite ore! I, will be farming it along with outland herbs to add a little more to my depleted ethereal ink stockpile!

Azshara's Veil Farming Spot

By now most of you know that having a gathering profession is crucial when a new expansion comes out, and I've recently found a spot that is excellent for farming Aszhara's veil, a rare herb that is only found under water, and is not found in many places.

The zone is Tol Borad. While you do have to be level 85 to get here, there has been some talk about being able to fly here if you aren't, it's especially easy with the level 3 guild perk. Any who, below is a map that shows you the route that should be taken, keep in mind that the herbs are underwater. When I farm this spot, I generally carry 30-40 water walking elixirs on me, this allows me to walk on water and dive down to grab the herb. I've noticed that the crabs in the water are very easy to dodge and maneuver around.

I can gather 3-4 stacks in under 10 minutes using this method. The best thing is that this herb is so rare it still is selling for a nice price, I currently sell them for 395g per stack, and they sell and quickly.

Starting Back Up!

Alright guys, It's been a long week, but It's finally the weekend, I have tons of posts ideas ready for you. The past week I've been playing Cataclysm and I've found tons upon tons of new ideas to write about, I will start posting again starting tomorrow, I haven't died yet, I'm still here!

Check back tomorrow for an awesome post!

Lack of Posts

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I honestly have nothing to say, no special tips to give, I'm simply waiting for Cataclysm to hit ( we all are ). Once it does, I promise that I will provide you with endless amounts of tips to help you make gold.

Reader suggestions are always welcomed, as well as guest posts. E-mail me at