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Want a good snatch list?

I've been asked by several people, Mageshadow, can you tell me what's on your snatch list? I've always answered, in the same manner, with the same link.

The truth is that my snatch list has become so big, that I cannot make a single list anymore, It's too hard and would take way too long, thankfully, Calianna from the Consortium Forums has made an excellent thread with a complete list of items. The post gets updated every so often, I suggest that if you don't have a clue on what recipes are rare, that you bookmark this and look at it everything you see a rare recipe, it's basically a sure-fire of checking, as sometimes wowhead doesn't have that much data on some recipes.

Without holding you any longer, here is the post that contains a complete and extensive list of rare items that can sometimes be found at the Auction House.



Anonymous said...

I think it's fabulous lists like these are shared. It really shows the bloggers that are willing to help others for altruism's sake. It also reinforces (to me) the need for the ability to be able to watch markets as they change with both demand and your competitors' knowledge (and AH PVP style too I suppose :) ). With publication of lists like these, competition for such items increases I suppose?

I'd also be interested to see what was on your WotLK crafting mats snatch list if you're up to posting it too. Good work for posting on both blogs on the same day though. Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know if that list includes any drop rate changes? I saw someone in the gold blogosphere that some recipes had increased drop-rates.

Cold said...

That list was started prior to the patch and drop rate changes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod, Mageshadow. I have updated it based on droprates changes people have mentioned and I have confirmed (namely Elixir of Giant Growth and Savory Deviate Delight). If there are others, please leave a comment on the thread and I will get it up-to-date.

I wouldn't call the list "complete" as I'm sure there are other hidden treasures out there (please post to let us know about them), but it has definitely gotten extensive.


Anonymous said...

I just wish Auctioneer would get an update, so I could actually use /getall without being disconnected.

It's NEVER happened to me until the latest patch.

PVP Guide said...

Ya things have changed with new patches, great post anyways though.

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