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My User Interface

Lately I've been getting a ton of E-mails where people ask me about my UI.

Most of my UI came from bubuUI, I must admit it is customized. bubuUI can be found here at Wowinterface.

To make it look more like my UI, I simply Moved some stuff around, especially my minimap. I also added a couple extra action bars using bartender. I also removed the panel from KG Panels for the menu, and moved it along with the minimap. Recount is now placed in the tiny open slot to the left of the minimap, if fits well, it only shows 2 bars but scrolling through them is extremely easy and space saving.

Like I said, most if not all of the credit goes to Bubuline, I've been using hers/his UI since early Burning Crusade. Ever since he/she updated to the current UI I hated it until I customized it around a bit.

If you would like for me to send you my complete configuration, I will be more than welcome to, just drop me an e-mail at or leave a comment below.