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Sulfuron Ingot - Turn Them In!

I'm not sure how many people know that Sulfuron Ingots can actually be turned in to a NPC inside of BRD for an epic BS pattern that sells pretty well.

To obtain the recipe, you do not need any reputation, you just need to find a way into BRD. The Plans are, [Plans: Sulfuron Hammer]. 

The NPC is inside of BRD and is named Lokhtos Darkbargainer. He is the Quartermaster for the Thorium Brotherhood.

What I do is just add the Ingots to my snatch list and buy them at or under 400g ea. I turn the Ingots in for the Plans and then list them at 2,000g+. It's an easy and reliable flip.

The only real downside to this is that you can't flood the market with the plans, as you're only targeting Blacksmiths and in my opinion they are few and far, compared to other professions. Also if someone else is doing this the market can become flooded even with 2 Plans up, it will just become an undercutting war which results in loss of profit.

I managed to flip another Swift Spectral Tiger Today, well not yet but I have a buyer coming with 16 Choppers. I bought the Tiger at 60k and it's being sold for about 220k. I've made roughly 250k in the past two days. I will also hit my first gold cap by doing these 2 flips :)

I made 150k+ in 1 day - TCG Loot & Flipping Values

Wow I must say just wow! I was just searching my realm forums yesterday and happened to spot a guy selling a Swift Spectral Tiger for 60k. I INSTANTLY bought this. You ask me why? Because the value of these things are about 250k+. Within an hour I had someone transfer to me with 16  Mekgineer's Chopper, each valued at 14k, and buy the mount off me. I still have the choppers but I can easily sell them at 14.5k ea or even 14k.

Just comes to show you browsing your realms forum can net you in some HUGE deals, I myself made 150k :).

There is great money to be made from TCG the only downside is that it requires heaps of gold to start off with, and sometimes you have to be willing to pay for several server transfers.

Schematic - Arcane Bomb - Add it to your snatch list!

I added this schematic to my snacth list about 4 weeks ago and I've just been scanning the AH daily for any rare old world recipes. Well this one popped up for 25g on Terokkar 24 hours ago. I bought it out instantly and posted it back on the AH for 2500. I linked it in trade 3 times before the Schematic was Sold! Just comes to show how easy gold can be made! 2475g in a matter of seconds.

Basically the reason this schematic is VERY good is because the it scales 1:1 with Spell Power. I've heard stories where this drains 6500 mana.

Quick Post today :) Just make sure to add this item to your snatch list.

Avenging Blades - Easy Gold In Seconds!

Me in Nagrand Talking to the vendor :)  + Tooltip of the Avenging Blades.
Today I will be writing about Avenging Blades. These blades are sold by a Halaa vendor, Aldraan for 2g21s42c each. In order to buy them your faction must control Halaa. They are unique, meaning you can only have one in your inventory at a time.

What I do is go to nagrand, talk to the vendor buy, 1 blade, disenchant it for a chance at 1-3 Greater Planar Essence. Each Essence is worth 11-15g ea. They are a rare spawn but the timers are not bad ( 45-60 mins ). I have my mage parked here and I log in, buy the blades, DE them log out and log back in once hour.

If you're really in need of Greater Planar Essences, and are not willing  to wait for the one hour spawn timer, and have a toon that's 70+ of the opposite faction, you can buy the first 3 blades, log into your opposite faction toon, kill the NPC and wait 3 minutes for him to respawn and buy 3 more blades. You can do this up to 18-20 times in an hour for an insane amount of gold. ( 800-1200g/hour ). Do keep in mind that there are many requirements to make insane amounts of gold.

There are also Halaani Claymores which are also rare spawn, they cost 9g each, but they also have a chance to give 1-2 Greater Planar Essence. I still buy these despite their price because there is still profit to be made from them.

Twilight Texts - The Dreadful Grind

 I recently did the grind for the Guardian of Cenarius title, and I must say what a painful grind! I already had the BC rep to exalted so that was no trouble at all, but the Cenarion Circle is a very long and painful grind. When I first started I barely had 500 rep into neutral. I myself grinded from neutral to mid way revered ( 9k/21k ) before I just gave up. I just could not stand the last 12k reputation grind

I order to get reputation with the Cenarion Circle, you have to kill mobs in Silithus that drop Encrypted Twilight Text. Every 10 texts will net you 500 reputation. I myself bought 190 of them at 10g ea!

There's great gold to be made here! Especially for the people who LOVE to farm things. There are two camps in Silithus, take a look at the map to the left, the red circles represent the two camps. There is a rare spawn that drops anywhere from 7-10 Texts, but she wonders off and is sometimes hard to find. The blue dot is her spawn point, and the green dots is the path she follows. Another awesome thing is, that while you're grinding here you'll be able to see/hear if there is an elemental invasion happening. The invasion is another GREAT place to farm materials. I will write a post about it soon.

Well guys, I haven't been posting everyday as I have been for the past 3 weeks ( or tried ). I'm currently looking for a job. I've been busy, applying for jobs, going to interviews, tours, etc, etc. The blog is not going to die ( I won't let it! ), the only thing is that posts will a little more spread apart, maybe a post once every 2-3 days.

Just a quick update on myself! I'm currently at roughly 75k, I've been spending like crazy! I leveled an twink alt on the horde side of my server with a buddy of mine ( my toons are alliance ). I only transferred 5,000g over to twink out the toon(s), I split it with my buddy. My twink's almost twinked out, the last thing I need is a ring from SFK and he's all set. I'm very happy with this project :).

Flask of Distilled Wisdom - Targeting Holy Pallies

I myself play a holy pally and I cannot keep enough of these flasks in my inventory. A stack of 20 barely lasts me 2 or even 3 days. Smart Holy Paladins know that this flask is the best flask currently in the game for them, because after all the best stat for us is Intellect. This flask gives us +60 intellect which turns out to be 1542.75 mana initially which supplies 15.43 mp5 from replenishment and 32.14 mp5 from divine plea if used on cooldown for a total of 47.57 mp5.

The recipe can be bought from Fedryen Swiftspear in Zangarmash for 4g.

To make one flask, the mats required are 7 Dreamfoil,  3 Icecap, 1 Black Lotus , And 1 Crystal Vial. All in all I just put these items on my snatch list. I've picked up stacks of Dreamfoil as cheap as 9g/stack, Icecaps at under 30 silver each, and Black Lotus at 1g ea. Normal prices on my server are as followed. Dreamfoil is normally at 27-30g/stack, Icecaps are 50s-1.5g ea, Black Lotus are 4-9g ea.

I craft these and list them at at roughly 37-40g/flask. I making ridiculous profit with these flask, every craft I make roughly 50-65g. They normally sell fast, and there is little competition in this market.

I've been extremely busy lately which is why I haven't been posting as much. I will continue posting either way, but they might take a little more time. Please follow me on Twitter/Blogger, by clicking the icons to the left

How to turn 1000g into 2000g - Blogging Carnival

Markco has asked bloggers this question here, Blogging Carnival Info.

The way I would go about this would be to spend most of the gold provided ( 850g ) on Saronite ore below or at vendor prices. I would then proceed to Prospect the all of the Ore. 850g worth of Saronite ore is 68 stacks. After everything has been prospected, I would buy eternal earths at the cheapest prices I could possibly find and craft Jewelcrafting rings. I would mail these rings off to my Enchanters where they would be disenchanted, for even more profit.

The Dust And Essences that I would get from the Jewelcrafting rings, alone would pay for the Saronite ore and even more. That would leave me with rare gems to be Cut & posted on the AH for Pure profit. I can manage to sell Rubies at 50g+, Autumns Glow for 35g+ and Sky Sapphires for 20g+. The other left over rare gems would be cut into the most profitable gems. Shadow Crystals and Dark Jades would be cut into focusing lens, which sell rather well.

Well that's it! That's how I would turn 1000g into 2000g.

Abyssal Shatter - An Enchanters Heaven

I love shattering my abyss crystals. There is so much profit in this market, and all you do is hit one button, go make yourself a nice meal, come back and You're set.

The other day I bought 700 abyss crystals from this guy, 15g each. I made roughly a  6,000g profit from these crystals. I shattered them all. I ended up with 950 Greater Cosmic Essences, and 2500 Infinite Dust. Server prices may vary but, I Managed to sell my Greater Cosmic Essence at an average price of 134g/stack and my dust at an average price of 28g/stack.

The Essences alone payed for the abyss crystals and more! When I sold everything i ended up with a little over 16,000 gold, when I originally only spent 10,000.

Since then I've been buying abyss crystals at 20g ea. By shattering them I can turn that investment of 20g into a possible 80.4g, quadrupling my investment.

One small comment about the blog, I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to write up quality posts as before. I will try to write them up before hand but I can't guarantee them.

Runecloth Farming - Reputation Woes

I Tell You It's A Myth!
Alright well today's post will be about farming Stratholme. I myself have started working on the Ambassador title, and I totally HATE questing. I have started to buy out ALL stacks of Runecloth I can possibly find at 5g/stack.

A great place to farm Runecloth is Stratholme. When I run "Runecloth" farming runs, I also try for the Baron. See the great thing about Stratholme is that almost everything that drops inside here has value. Greens get DE'd into dusts and Essences for enchants. Blues give me Large Brilliant shards, Greys are vendored, Pristine Black Diamonds are sold for ridiculous prices, Runecloth is used. Farming this place is like killing 7 birds with one stone.

When I run Stratholme, for any reason, I walk out of here with almost 900g worth of items, and even more if I'm lucky and a Pristine Black Diamond Drops. 1 run takes about 40-45 minutes, so the gold per hour here is pretty good. Although I must admit you won't makes as much if you're not an Enchanter. An awesome plus is that you also have a chance for the baron mount ( which is a myth! ).

Using The World Of Warcraft Server Forums Wisely

Quoted from Official Wow Forums, Original Post By L├ęthalock:
"Hi there i have a nice gold making business which you may like to add to your blog, its not for everyone and requires substantial capital but its a nice easy way to make gold.

Rather than be gold capped on just one character i spread it around, i try and keep 100k+ on both my alliance character and my horde character.

I then made a post offering my services on my realm forums as a way for people to transfer gold cross faction in a hassle free way, i simply charge a 10% fee on top of the amount they want moved over.

Someone approaches my horde character gives me 5000g + my 500g fee i then log right over and give their alliance alt 5000g no mess no fuss. Neutral AH takes 15% so I'm cheaper and faster.

As i said this is not for everyone but if you have good capital and a good name you will find you have a steady flow of customers each week and you're making 10% to have your gold flow back and forth, some weeks are quiet and some are busy I've moved 10,000g or as much as 100,000g in a week but its all 100% risk fee.

I just made a thread on my realm forums outlining my idea then had some customers go bump the thread for me, no people just know if they need gold moved cross server to come looking for me its great ^_^ "

I was mind blown when I read this and thought this needs to be posted asap! So here it is, Comments/thoughts?

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti - Huge Profits For A Minutes' Worth Of Work!

I just became an engineer about a week back and I got this schematic instantly. I snagged it, and went to the AH to see if there was any competition and to my surprise, there was none!
To craft one Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, the raw materials are:
  1. 1 Cured Rugged Hide ( 1g ea )
  2. 12 Thorium Bars ( 50s ea )
  3. 4 Runecloth ( 25s ea )
  4. 2 Globes of Water ( 5-10g ea )
  5. 4 Truesilver Bars ( 4-5g ea )
  6. 4 Elemental Earth ( 5-10g ea )
  7. 2 Elemental Airs ( 2-5g ea )
  8. 1 Gold Bar ( 50 s )
So to craft 1 Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, it would cost me roughly 70-85g if i bought everything from the AH. Since I've picked up engineering, i've managed to sell 6 of these at an average price of 289g each. Im making 200g+ profit for minutes worth of work!

I'm also thinking come cataclysm this schematic will disappear! Due to the vast changes Cataclysm is going to bring, Winterspring is most likely not going to be the same as it was.

I've added some icons to the left sidebar, there's Twitter, Blogger, RSS, And Photobucket. I plan on updating my Twitter & Photobucket as much as possible, so you guys can see what I'm actually doing when I play wow.

Swiftness Potion - Making Gold From BG'ers + Unbanned

Quick post today about swiftness potions. This potion increases your run speed by 50% for 15 seconds ( 1 Minute Cool Down ). I know myself and a lot of BG'ers use this potion like crazy. It's amazing during the 19 bracket or Warsong Gulch because, since there are no mounts this acts like your own personal mount and it helps you get that flag back to your base that much faster.

The Recipe itself, [Recipe: Swiftness Potion] is a rare world drop, but many people have had success farming Ragefire Chasm. Alliance might have some issues getting there but, that just adds to the rarity of this potion.

The potion requires 1 Swiftthistle, 1 Briarthorn and 1 Empty Vial. All in all I pay roughly 1.5g per potion if I buy everything off the AH. Profit wise I manage to sell 5 for about 30 gold pretty frequently. The market isn't very competitive as many people just never realize that this potion is even in the game, and the recipe is also a rare world drop.

I still use this potion while I'm farming, doing instances and sometimes even while in raiding to get me out of a sticky situation!

I've also added this recipe to my snatch list, because if you manage to find it for cheap, you can turn around and sell it for a very high price.

On a side note, I'm Finally unbanned! I got unbanned at about 2:30 Pm EST yesterday, the GM's told me I was wrongfully banned and they have put in a ticket to get my lost gametime back. I'll be more careful next time before I spend 65k on a single farmer...

Gordok Ogre Suit - Easy Gold Within Minutes

Ogre Party In Dalaran!
I love how people are always asking me, Hey Mageshadow, where'd you get that costume? Or How'd you become so big?. It's a great way to advertise specific items on the AH. By using this method you can easily rake in a couple hundred gold in a matter of minutes!

Today we're going to be talking about [Gordok Ogre Suit]. The suit does what the tooltip says, it turns you into an ogre, for 10 minutes. This suit is obtained inside of Dire Maul North, by completing a repeatable quest. The materials required to craft one are, 4 Rugged Leather, 2 Bolts of Runecloth, 1 Ogre Tannin, and 1 Rune Thread. Now your going to be like... Rugged Leather... check... Bolts of Runecloth... check.... Rune Thread....check.... Ogre Tannin.....What the #^@& is this? An Ogre Tannin is obtained by grabbing it from a basket that is right upstairs from where the quest turn in spot is. You can also obtain 1-2 extra Ogre Tannins from Knot Thimblejack's Cache, but the drop-rate is NOT 100%.

Originally this suit is intended to be used to "trick" an Ogre inside of Dire Maul, which in turn gives you an extra piece of loot if your running the instance. But I soon realized that you can actually mass craft these babies and sell them on the AH for large amounts of profits!

Many Ogres Sitting Around A Circle In Exodar
The only downside to these suits is that you can only have 1 in your inventory/bank at a time, no more & that you can only obtain 1-3 Ogre Tannin per Dire Maul North run. Each run for Ogre Tannins takes me roughly 4-5 minutes, even less if I use swiftness potions. The trick that I have found is to farm about 10-15 Ogre Tannin before hand ( normally 17, 1-2 to display the costume in Ironforge, Stormwind, ETC ), and then proceed to turn in the quest while dropping my trusty MOLL-E right next to the quest giver. This method allows me to mass craft the suits and then mail them off to my bank alt, where I post them up on the AH.

I do realize that Leatherworkers & Tailors can learn the patterns and mass craft these suits while in a major city, but they still need Ogre Tannins, so they still have to go to Dire Maul North.

Once you have obtained a fair amount of these, what I do is spam trade with a macro such as:

"Want to become an Ogre? Go buy an[Gordok Ogre Suit] at the AH! But be quick! They're rare and sell fast!"

By spamming this macro over the course of 15-20 minutes, I can normally sell 10-15 suits within 20 minutes. I can normally push for about 80-95g per suits on the AH, because simply, there is NO competition for these! That's the great things about crafting these, they're rarely known about and semi-hard to obtain.

Another plus when crafting the suit, it's better if you turn in the materials to the quest giver rather than craft the suits by using professions ( Tailoring & Leatherworking ), because when you turn in the quest you get reputation towards the Steamwheedle Cartel, it might not be much but if you craft as many as I do every week, then the small rep will add up, and you'll be that much close to the Insane title!

On a side note, I've made some changes to the blog, I've added a semi-decent logo that I'm content with, added twitter updates, More blogs to my blog roll and changed some color's around, but I wish to add more, so please any suggestions you can add, just leave a comment, I would appreciate it greatly. Feedback doesn't have to positive, criticism for me is just as good feedback as a compliment ( at least for me :D ). Sadly, I am still banned, and I will be until Sunday 5:34 PM EST. I've contacted Blizzard several times, 3 times by phone and twice by e-mail, and everyone has told me the same stupid story... " Your account has already been elevated and we cannot do anything, you must wait for the Game Masters to proceed with their investigation..."

Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision - Add it to your snatch list!

A gnome "sleeping" while under the effects of this elixir
[Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision] is a very rare old world recipe drop. In fact it's almost as rare as the +4 stats to chest enchant. I have heard horror stories about this recipe. The only real way to farm this recipe is to kill the old world dragons which are semi-hard to solo. I attempted to solo one on my 5300 GS ( 45k HP ) Prot Paladin and failed miserably.

The recipe is kinda cool in my opinion, It's just like the warlock spell Eye of Kilrogg, or the Hunter ability Eyes of the beast, which allows you to control a floating eye (warlock) or your pet (hunter) but instead it allows you to control a invisible orb that will not aggro anything. You fall asleep and you can freely move the invisible orb around for 2 minutes. I used mine an elixir Ironforge and managed to get to Kharanos before the elixir wore out.

 I picked up this recipe about 2 weeks ago for 25g. Since then I have sold the recipe for 3500g. It's crazy how much gold rare old world recipes can go for.

That just teaches you that by adding all of these old world recipes to your snatch list you can make ridiculous amounts of gold with minimal time spent ( a scan or two ^.^).

Fused Wiring - An Engineer's Easy Profit.

Using this because I'm currently banned ;(
I love making [Fused Wiring]! The profit here is enormous!

The schematic for this can be picked up from either Viggz Shinesparked in Shattrath City, or Xizzer Fizzbolt in Winterspring.

Fused Wiring requires Delicate Copper Wire (3), Essence of Fire (2) to make, which costs me a total of about 5-7 gold. I get 5 Fused Wiring out of 1 craft. I Sell Fused wiring at 15-20g each.

The only downside to this method is in order to make copper Wire, you need a Jewelcrafter, and that Essence of Fire isn't widely available. Essence of Fire isn't a good material to farm, which is great, it makes this market very easy to control this market.

Essence of Fire typically sells between 1-2g on my server, and I always buy everything on the AH, because by doing so I'm limiting the competition in 2 markets. One is Fused Wiring, and the other is Enchant Weapon: Fiery.

72 Hour Ban for Abuse of the Economy.

Well just got banned because I spent 50k last night.... and I guess people reported me....

I'm not very happy atm.. 35 min wait to even speak to someone... Grrrr.

Holy Cow! I spent 50k Last night! - Cheap Mats & Return Prices

Holy Cow! I spent 50k Last night! No joke there was one farmer selling everything at very cheap price! I got 480 Cardinal Rubies at 75g per, 35 stacks of Abyss Crystals at 12.5g per, 50 Ametrines for 45g per, and couple minor things. I must admit I feel poor now :(

By the end of the night I managed to flip some of the cardinals at 110g ea, I still have roughly 340 Cardinal Rubies, I cut roughly 25 Cardinal Rubies, and posted them at an average price of 157g, within minutes, I sold several gems.

As for the Ametrines, I am actually keeping and cutting these, only because they don't really sell to well on my server. Ametrines sell much better when cut, especially when cut into Reckless. I can sell Ametrines at an average price of 146g.

I shattered the Abyss Crystals, and came up with roughly 900 Greater Cosmic Essence, and 2500 Infinite Dust. Dust on my server typically sells for 30-35g per stack, tonight it was at 37g per stack. Greater Cosmic Essences sell for 13-16g each. I managed to sell half the dust at 32.5/stack and roughly 200 Greater Cosmic Essences at 13g ea before calling it quits for the night.

All in all I made about 25-30k from everything that I listed here, I bought other things along with what's listed here, but if I listed everything then this post would become an encyclopedia ^.^

I guess the moral of this post is to get you to watch trade chat! Farmers & Hackers are trying to sell their stuff as fast as they can, and as soon as people see good deals it becomes a dog fight. Don't be afraid to dump your gold on mats that are extremely cheap, You're going to get it all back and then some. One tip I can offer is as an avid Alliance player, most hackers & farmers reside in Stormwind, Even though I hate the city ( Ironforge is 10 times better ), I can trade with them faster then other people, giving me access to even more mats that wouldn't have of been there if I had to travel to the farmer.

On a side note, the flask market on my server has officially crashed. I used to be able to sell flask at 20-22g per, now I'm lucky if they go above 16g. The sad thing is, that I have roughly 150 stacks of lichbloom, several hundred frost lotus & other herbs. Lichbloom prices have bottomed out at 18g/stack. They used to be at roughly 40-50g/stack. I'm not a very happy puppy with the current state of the flask market, I've tried to raise prices here and then, but everyone just undercuts their way down to 16g per flask.

Elixir of Giant Growth - Whoa! How Are You So Big? Smart Advertisement

The past few days I've been messing around since I was able to finally get my hands on an Orb Of Deception. Man this thing is so fun ^.^. I use the trinket and use a Elixir of Giant Growth. People begin to ask me how are you so large? I tell them Elixir of Giant Growth, and the first thing they do is go to the AH and buy out the elixirs that are posted on my bank alt ;S.

The mats for this elixir are extremely cheap, I generally craft them for 50-80 silver per elixir. On top of that I am Elixir spec'ed, so that adds even more profit. I can push 10-15g per elixir, the profit from these things are great!

Im doing this on the alliance side, I've never played horde, and being honest that's where I got this recipe from. I bought this recipe cross faction and then sent them to my main and used one up for myself.

Recipe: Philosopher's Stone - An Alchemists Choke Point

Me Buying the Recipes While Casting :D

The profit on this recipe is quite insane. This recipe is NEEDED by ALL alchemists, because it's used for transmutes, without it you cannot do a single transmute.

This recipe is sold in Tanaris by Alchemist Pestlezugg, for 20 silver. You can buy as many as you want because it's not a limited recipe. I buy roughly 10-15 a week and mail them off to my bank alt and I sell them off by the end of the week. I can generally push for about 35-40g per recipe and sometimes more if are none on the AH.

While your here you can also pick up Transmute Iron to Gold, Transmute Mithril to Trusilver (Limited) & Transmute Arcanite, These sell rather well but I can't sell as many as the Philosopher's Stone. I normally only buy ~5 of these recipes.

I also pick up some Noggenfogger Elixirs while I'm at it :S, I'm a gnome and I've fallen in love with the Undead casting animation ^.^

Transmute Titanium - Instant Profit While AFK + LK Is Dead

I LOVE making money from these bars. Heck, I'm currently smelting ~ 150 stacks of Saronite as I'm writing this post. This method allows me to do other stuff, Write a blog post, research more ways to make gold, check my facebook, anything. Basically what I do is buy Saronite ore a little over vendor price (13g), I then smelt all of the bars I bought and send them off to my Transmute spec'ed Alchemist. I then transmute them all.

2 stacks of saronite yields 2.5 Bars (or 3 with the 20% from being a transmute Alchemist), A stack of saronite costs me 26g, by transmuting the bars I get 2.5 Titanium bars, which I can sell at 15-17g. Im making 11g per 2 stacks of saronite, and this is not even adding in the profit from bar's that are proc'ed.

Finally! Lich King has been killed by yours truly :P I spent the weekend wiping at his feet, I put in 35-40+ hours in 4 different guilds trying to kill him. Well Im onto hardmodes ;)

Enchanting - A Gold Guru's Heaven

Ah Enchanting! I love this proffesion. I make so much from this proffesion it's gotten out of hand! I craft 20-30 scrolls once every 2-3 days and make what I spent on the mats times 5! I must admit tho I've never had much success selling the high end enchants, instead I focus on the BOA enchants. Im going to name off a few enchants I sell and list their cost & price that I sell them at.

Enchant Name - Enchant Cost - Enchant Sold At

Enchanting Weapon - Agility - 60-80g - 249g+
Enchanting Weapon - 2H Agility - 80-120g - 199g+
Enchanting Weapon - Mongoose - 250-300g - 400g+
Enchanting Weapon - Major Intellect - 100-140g - 350g+
Enchanting Weapon - Mighty Intellect - 140g-160g - 300g+
Enchanting Weapon - Strength - 45-60g - 350g+
Enchanting Weapon - Unholy - 60-70g - 150g+
Enchanting Weapon - Lifestealing - 70-90g - 200g+
Enchanting Weapon - Firey - 20-50g - 100g+
Enchanting Weapon - Icy Chill - 30-40g - 90g+

Enchant Bracer - Healing Power - 40-60g - 150g+
Enchant Chest Major Stamina - 2-5g - 50g+
Enchant Shield Greater Intellect - 20g-30g - 150g+

Those are the ones that I sell the most, if you have something else that you think I should be crafting and selling please let me know by posting a comment!

Update: FINALLY killed Lich King! Tonight I shall be Mageshadow, The Kingslayer! I spent roughly 40+/- Hours wiping on him with several guilds ( 4 to be exact ).

Potions Of Speed

Potions of Speed are god sent. I've made so much profit from these potions that I craft them even though I don't have an Pot Spec'ed Alchemist. On my server there is several hundred stacks of Adder's Tongue up at any time, they usually go for 11-12g/stack, I always buy out as much as I can because I also use this herb for inscription.

Potions of Speed require 2 Adder's Tongue & 1 Pygmy Oil & 1 Imbued Vial. 2 Adder's Tongue, Costs me roughly 1.2g, 1 Pygmy Oil costs .25g, And 1 Imbued Vial Costs .4g. Total Cost is roughly 1.85g, I sell these potions at about 20-25g per 5, Although I have some several lots of 5 at 45g+ on several occasions. That's ~2g-4g+ profit per potion you sell.


Quick Update About Myself

Alright last night I chose to finally stop raiding until Cataclysm. The only "new" content left for me is Lich king ( He really isn't new, I've spent 36+ hours wiping on him ), other than that, nothing else is new, the LAST piece of gear I can get without doing heroic modes is a token. My server only has 2 guild that runs Heroic 25, but I cannot meet either of their raid time, they're a bit late night.

I've decided that I want to start gathering rare achievements/titles before cataclysm. I want either Loremaster or The Insane Title, Although I must Admit Im leaning more towards Loremaster.

I've managed to break 70k this week, I hope to break 100k in a couple weeks. I've been unable to sell flasks due to someone selling them at 17.5g ea ( 16.65g After AH cut ). I Can't sell at those rates otherwise I'd be losing money.

Update: I ran Lich King tonight, Got him to 13% ;(. 3 more percent and I would of been a kingslayer.

Saronite Ore - A Magical Wonder.

Saronite Ore.
There's so much I do with this ore it's gotten out of hand, at any time I have ~300 stacks waiting in my mailbox. This ore is and has been a magical wonder to me.

One of the first things that I do with it is prospect it. There's so much profit in this that If I were to sell my Scarlet Rubies at 20g cut, I'd still make profit. The trick with prospecting is to craft as many JC rings as possible and then DE those rings for twice the profit. The DE'ed dusts and essences alone pay for the Ore, the Rare gems are just pure profit.

Another thing to do with this ore is to smelt it and then transmute it. Holy cow this is profitable. I transmuted roughly 250 bars, and walked out with 305. The Proc's of being a Transmutation Master of Alchemy makes this method 5 times better.

One last thing is a simple yet effective method, Eternal Belt Buckles. This is a great method to rid of those extra stacks of Saronite ore.

Molten Core - A Sweet Delight

Today I'd like to focus on The beloved Molten Core. I've ran this place now 7 weeks, With only 3 of those being full clears. I love running this place. I don't care if it's solo of it it's with a couple buddies. There is HUGE profit to be made here.

Alright let's get started. The main reason I started solo'ing Molten Core was because I wanted the enchanting formulas ( Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spellpower & Formula: Enchant Weapon - Healing Power ). I farmed this place for 4 weeks without seeing a drop, on the 5th week, it dropped and I was in a bit of a dilemma. Should I try to sell it for 5k, Or should I learn the Formula and mass craft and sell these babies? I decided to try to sell it, I started spamming trade like a mad man, I got a couple low ball offers then I got a 4750 offer. CHA-CHING! I sold it instantly.

On top of having those enchanting formula's drop you can also rack up a TON of Void Crystals which can be shattered to make mongoose scrolls for VERY cheap. On top of that you have the Fiery cores, Lava Cores, essence of fires, BOE's and on top of that you have a chance of getting a Sulfuron Ingot! I've gotten 4, and sold them all for ~1250 average!

I make roughly 2000g a run with no formula and that's roughly 2 hours worth of solo'ing/clearing the place. It's a great place to spend a couple hours if your bored and are looking for a new place to make a couple thousand gold.

There are other awesome BOP recipes, for example tonight I got Schematic: Force Reactive Disk, A level 60 BOP engineering Recipe that crafts an epic BOE shield. Now My Paladin is no engineer, Sadly ;(, but I'm sure people would be willing to pay a nice chunk of change for this awesome shield! Other Recipes Include, Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope, Core Marksman Rifle, Elemental Sharpening Stone, Core Armor Kit, Bottomless Bag, Core Felcloth Bag, Major Rejuvenation Potion.

Cross Faction Trading

Last night I decided to give cross faction trading a go, and as I found out this can be very profitable. I only bought 2 recipes, which were Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight, and Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth. I bought 3 of the Savory Deviate Delight Recipe, each for about 200-250g each, and 4 of the Elixir of Giant Growth, each for about 25g. I then transferred them to my alliance toons, and sent them to my bank alt. I used one of the deviate recipes, and I later sold one of each to my awesome thorium farmer, both for 500g. I then proceeded to post one of each of the recipes on the auction house, I posted the Savory Deviate Delight for 1000 gold, and to my surprise it sold within seconds of me saying something about it in trade. The other recipe ( of which I still have 1 of ), sold for 150g on the auction house.

I must say, I will be repeating this process and will later proceed to dive further into the markets, although, the prices aren't much different of ores, gems, etc. For about minutes of work, I made about 1100g of easy profit, only using 2 rare recipes which rarely appear on the Alliance AH. and I even got to keep on of the recipes. I must warn people though, the process of trading cross faction using the neutral AH, can be dangerous on high population servers, as there can be bots waiting for you to post your high value things at 1 copper. You can avoid this by posting a low value item ( such as food ) for 1 copper, and see if someone buys it, and add them to your friends list and then trade when the botter(s) are offline.

A Different Aproach - Selling the Mats

I'll start here. Everyone is making supposedly heaps and heaps of gold from inscription by selling glyphs. I Have been a Scribe 3 times now and have dropped the profession for something else ( Enchanting, Blacksmithing ). All three times that I was a scribe I mass crafted Inks, Vellums, Offhands, etc and then dropped the profession. I remember that I had a Guild bank tab full of inks of the sea, I slowly sold them off, over a period of 2-3 weeks, they were all gone. I was selling each stack for about 120g per, sometimes lower or even higher.

Now let's jump ahead. A farmer posted 200 stacks of adder's tongue at 13g a stack, I bought them, of course. I have no scribe, but I did some math. All 189 stacks of adder's tongue costed me a total of 2457 gold. Milling everything, I'd end up with Roughly 70 stacks of Ink's of the Sea ( (((((189*20)/4)*2.98)/2)/20). 189 is how many stacks, Times 20 to find out how many total herbs we have. Divide by four to find out how many mills we have to do. Times 2.98, because that's what each mill roughly gives. Divide by 2 to find out how many total inks we get. Divide by 20 to find out how many stacks we get. If I sold each stack at 90g ( 4.5g/ink ) which seems reasonable, I'd make 6336g back. That's already a 3879g profit without adding the other ink.

Now let's do the math for the remaining ink ( Snowfall Ink ). (((((189*20)/4)*.49)/2)/20). Turns out to be roughly 11.5 stacks. I've never hard experience selling these but let's say I sell a stack for about 5g per ( Current AH tells me 1 sells for 10g, But I'm Low balling ). This turn out to be an extra 1150g, Of which all is pure profit.

I just wanted to point this out. I have NEVER tried to entered the glyph market. Okay maybe once, but it was controlled by 4+ people. This is a different approach to to make gold with inscription.

Please note most of the numbers I used came from wowhead, and most of this is just pure speculation.


Update: Quick update, I ended up with about 68 stacks of LotS, and about 10 stacks of snowfall, I've managed to sell about 15 stacks so far, they sell very slowly but they're selling. Average price per stack is 98g, which is fair.

Someone bought 20 stacks today for 125g/stack

Update 2: Been selling about 5 stacks a night, sometimes 10 if someone is leveling inscription, average of 107g/stack.

I've been buying ALL Northrend herbs below 20g, I have a couple hundred stacks now, going to proceed to keep doing this


Well I've decided to finally start a blog, I actually made this blog several months ago, but I've just decided to actually pick it up and and start posting!

I've got tons of awesome tips to help you obtain and maintain gold!

Hope I see your guys reading my posts; start commenting on my posts soon!

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