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How to turn 1000g into 2000g - Blogging Carnival

Markco has asked bloggers this question here, Blogging Carnival Info.

The way I would go about this would be to spend most of the gold provided ( 850g ) on Saronite ore below or at vendor prices. I would then proceed to Prospect the all of the Ore. 850g worth of Saronite ore is 68 stacks. After everything has been prospected, I would buy eternal earths at the cheapest prices I could possibly find and craft Jewelcrafting rings. I would mail these rings off to my Enchanters where they would be disenchanted, for even more profit.

The Dust And Essences that I would get from the Jewelcrafting rings, alone would pay for the Saronite ore and even more. That would leave me with rare gems to be Cut & posted on the AH for Pure profit. I can manage to sell Rubies at 50g+, Autumns Glow for 35g+ and Sky Sapphires for 20g+. The other left over rare gems would be cut into the most profitable gems. Shadow Crystals and Dark Jades would be cut into focusing lens, which sell rather well.

Well that's it! That's how I would turn 1000g into 2000g.


Anonymous said...

Is the format different for this new Carnival? Why is everyone posting on their own blog?

Mageshadow said...

Everyone posts on their own blog and Markco just provides A list of links that link to the specific blog posts.

I do believe that is how it works.

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