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Transmute Titanium - Instant Profit While AFK + LK Is Dead

I LOVE making money from these bars. Heck, I'm currently smelting ~ 150 stacks of Saronite as I'm writing this post. This method allows me to do other stuff, Write a blog post, research more ways to make gold, check my facebook, anything. Basically what I do is buy Saronite ore a little over vendor price (13g), I then smelt all of the bars I bought and send them off to my Transmute spec'ed Alchemist. I then transmute them all.

2 stacks of saronite yields 2.5 Bars (or 3 with the 20% from being a transmute Alchemist), A stack of saronite costs me 26g, by transmuting the bars I get 2.5 Titanium bars, which I can sell at 15-17g. Im making 11g per 2 stacks of saronite, and this is not even adding in the profit from bar's that are proc'ed.

Finally! Lich King has been killed by yours truly :P I spent the weekend wiping at his feet, I put in 35-40+ hours in 4 different guilds trying to kill him. Well Im onto hardmodes ;)


Cold said...

Don't Forget about Arcanite Bars

Pik said...

those are spectacularly cheap saronite bars )=

Carlos said...

:P I buy several hundred stacks when they're cheap. Today I bought ~165 stacks at 12-12.25g per stack it's crazy

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