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Twilight Texts - The Dreadful Grind

 I recently did the grind for the Guardian of Cenarius title, and I must say what a painful grind! I already had the BC rep to exalted so that was no trouble at all, but the Cenarion Circle is a very long and painful grind. When I first started I barely had 500 rep into neutral. I myself grinded from neutral to mid way revered ( 9k/21k ) before I just gave up. I just could not stand the last 12k reputation grind

I order to get reputation with the Cenarion Circle, you have to kill mobs in Silithus that drop Encrypted Twilight Text. Every 10 texts will net you 500 reputation. I myself bought 190 of them at 10g ea!

There's great gold to be made here! Especially for the people who LOVE to farm things. There are two camps in Silithus, take a look at the map to the left, the red circles represent the two camps. There is a rare spawn that drops anywhere from 7-10 Texts, but she wonders off and is sometimes hard to find. The blue dot is her spawn point, and the green dots is the path she follows. Another awesome thing is, that while you're grinding here you'll be able to see/hear if there is an elemental invasion happening. The invasion is another GREAT place to farm materials. I will write a post about it soon.

Well guys, I haven't been posting everyday as I have been for the past 3 weeks ( or tried ). I'm currently looking for a job. I've been busy, applying for jobs, going to interviews, tours, etc, etc. The blog is not going to die ( I won't let it! ), the only thing is that posts will a little more spread apart, maybe a post once every 2-3 days.

Just a quick update on myself! I'm currently at roughly 75k, I've been spending like crazy! I leveled an twink alt on the horde side of my server with a buddy of mine ( my toons are alliance ). I only transferred 5,000g over to twink out the toon(s), I split it with my buddy. My twink's almost twinked out, the last thing I need is a ring from SFK and he's all set. I'm very happy with this project :).


Brian said...

There's a 3rd camp in the southwest corner, but it isn't as handy as the 2 you list.

People might also buy the twilight cultist set pieces that drop, you might want to advertise that in trade chat to people looking to do loremaster/seeker.

Mageshadow said...

Very true about the sets, especially the chest. I'll add that in, thanks :)

dabam said...

i was lucky,
a year ago when i had no idea how to make gold (my income was coming from craftable epics only)
my auctioneer told me to buy them, had no idea why, did it and never sold them

so i had 300 auf these just sitting in my bank ^^
with these texts it was just a 5 hours grind to get to exalted

Joeboy said...

if you have access to a prot anything or can do massive AOE potentially with PVP gear, I might suggest just farming the mobs in AQ20 solo. They still give you good rep till exalted

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