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Abyssal Shatter - An Enchanters Heaven

I love shattering my abyss crystals. There is so much profit in this market, and all you do is hit one button, go make yourself a nice meal, come back and You're set.

The other day I bought 700 abyss crystals from this guy, 15g each. I made roughly a  6,000g profit from these crystals. I shattered them all. I ended up with 950 Greater Cosmic Essences, and 2500 Infinite Dust. Server prices may vary but, I Managed to sell my Greater Cosmic Essence at an average price of 134g/stack and my dust at an average price of 28g/stack.

The Essences alone payed for the abyss crystals and more! When I sold everything i ended up with a little over 16,000 gold, when I originally only spent 10,000.

Since then I've been buying abyss crystals at 20g ea. By shattering them I can turn that investment of 20g into a possible 80.4g, quadrupling my investment.

One small comment about the blog, I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to write up quality posts as before. I will try to write them up before hand but I can't guarantee them.


Leper Gnome said...

Something I'm defiantly gonna try out on my new enchanter. Very hard market from what i hear haha. Well good post man!

Anonymous said...

134g a stack of dust? wow I need to move to your sever!

Anonymous said...

" Managed to sell my dust at an average price of 134g/stack and my dust at an average price of 28g/stack."

Has to be a typo. 134g is the price of a GCE stack.

Mageshadow said...

Thank for the comments about the typo, must of missed it.

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