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Schematic - Arcane Bomb - Add it to your snatch list!

I added this schematic to my snacth list about 4 weeks ago and I've just been scanning the AH daily for any rare old world recipes. Well this one popped up for 25g on Terokkar 24 hours ago. I bought it out instantly and posted it back on the AH for 2500. I linked it in trade 3 times before the Schematic was Sold! Just comes to show how easy gold can be made! 2475g in a matter of seconds.

Basically the reason this schematic is VERY good is because the it scales 1:1 with Spell Power. I've heard stories where this drains 6500 mana.

Quick Post today :) Just make sure to add this item to your snatch list.


Anonymous said...

If only people took more time to kill the world dragons to get the pattern.

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