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Tranquil Mechanical Yeti - Huge Profits For A Minutes' Worth Of Work!

I just became an engineer about a week back and I got this schematic instantly. I snagged it, and went to the AH to see if there was any competition and to my surprise, there was none!
To craft one Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, the raw materials are:
  1. 1 Cured Rugged Hide ( 1g ea )
  2. 12 Thorium Bars ( 50s ea )
  3. 4 Runecloth ( 25s ea )
  4. 2 Globes of Water ( 5-10g ea )
  5. 4 Truesilver Bars ( 4-5g ea )
  6. 4 Elemental Earth ( 5-10g ea )
  7. 2 Elemental Airs ( 2-5g ea )
  8. 1 Gold Bar ( 50 s )
So to craft 1 Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, it would cost me roughly 70-85g if i bought everything from the AH. Since I've picked up engineering, i've managed to sell 6 of these at an average price of 289g each. Im making 200g+ profit for minutes worth of work!

I'm also thinking come cataclysm this schematic will disappear! Due to the vast changes Cataclysm is going to bring, Winterspring is most likely not going to be the same as it was.

I've added some icons to the left sidebar, there's Twitter, Blogger, RSS, And Photobucket. I plan on updating my Twitter & Photobucket as much as possible, so you guys can see what I'm actually doing when I play wow.


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