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Quick Update About Myself

Alright last night I chose to finally stop raiding until Cataclysm. The only "new" content left for me is Lich king ( He really isn't new, I've spent 36+ hours wiping on him ), other than that, nothing else is new, the LAST piece of gear I can get without doing heroic modes is a token. My server only has 2 guild that runs Heroic 25, but I cannot meet either of their raid time, they're a bit late night.

I've decided that I want to start gathering rare achievements/titles before cataclysm. I want either Loremaster or The Insane Title, Although I must Admit Im leaning more towards Loremaster.

I've managed to break 70k this week, I hope to break 100k in a couple weeks. I've been unable to sell flasks due to someone selling them at 17.5g ea ( 16.65g After AH cut ). I Can't sell at those rates otherwise I'd be losing money.

Update: I ran Lich King tonight, Got him to 13% ;(. 3 more percent and I would of been a kingslayer.


Pik said...

I gave up on flasks a long time ago. On my server it's a farmers' market ie there are no profits because herbalists are making flasks and selling them for less than the cost of herbs. TRANSMUTE SPEC, BABY!

Toffel said...

I checked out the Insane in the Membrane achievement myself, but it's not only very time consuming, it also seems to be extremely expensive. For the Shen'dralar part alone, you will need 84 Pristine Black Diamond which cost around 400 gold each. That's gonna be 33k gold for those damn diamonds alone...

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