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Flask of Distilled Wisdom - Targeting Holy Pallies

I myself play a holy pally and I cannot keep enough of these flasks in my inventory. A stack of 20 barely lasts me 2 or even 3 days. Smart Holy Paladins know that this flask is the best flask currently in the game for them, because after all the best stat for us is Intellect. This flask gives us +60 intellect which turns out to be 1542.75 mana initially which supplies 15.43 mp5 from replenishment and 32.14 mp5 from divine plea if used on cooldown for a total of 47.57 mp5.

The recipe can be bought from Fedryen Swiftspear in Zangarmash for 4g.

To make one flask, the mats required are 7 Dreamfoil,  3 Icecap, 1 Black Lotus , And 1 Crystal Vial. All in all I just put these items on my snatch list. I've picked up stacks of Dreamfoil as cheap as 9g/stack, Icecaps at under 30 silver each, and Black Lotus at 1g ea. Normal prices on my server are as followed. Dreamfoil is normally at 27-30g/stack, Icecaps are 50s-1.5g ea, Black Lotus are 4-9g ea.

I craft these and list them at at roughly 37-40g/flask. I making ridiculous profit with these flask, every craft I make roughly 50-65g. They normally sell fast, and there is little competition in this market.

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Anonymous said...

FYI, most of the decent holy paladins are going for the elixir combination of haste/intellect.

These flasks still sell though but once your gear gets up there, the Intellect flask isn't quite as good as the benefit you get from the extra haste.

Mageshadow said...

The haste is terrible if you're a FOL healer and are already at a cap.

HOL spammers will benefit, but intellect is still the best stat, even haste can't tople it.

tweell said...

These go nowhere on my server. Guru's and Mighty Thoughts together give 65 Int, and the Guru's +20 on all other stats is gravy. Since a stack of Guru's elixir sells for less than 30g and the Mighty Thoughts elixir has been going for 40g/stack, it's much cheaper even if your raid wipes a lot.

Anonymous said...

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