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Saronite Ore - A Magical Wonder.

Saronite Ore.
There's so much I do with this ore it's gotten out of hand, at any time I have ~300 stacks waiting in my mailbox. This ore is and has been a magical wonder to me.

One of the first things that I do with it is prospect it. There's so much profit in this that If I were to sell my Scarlet Rubies at 20g cut, I'd still make profit. The trick with prospecting is to craft as many JC rings as possible and then DE those rings for twice the profit. The DE'ed dusts and essences alone pay for the Ore, the Rare gems are just pure profit.

Another thing to do with this ore is to smelt it and then transmute it. Holy cow this is profitable. I transmuted roughly 250 bars, and walked out with 305. The Proc's of being a Transmutation Master of Alchemy makes this method 5 times better.

One last thing is a simple yet effective method, Eternal Belt Buckles. This is a great method to rid of those extra stacks of Saronite ore.


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