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Potions Of Speed

Potions of Speed are god sent. I've made so much profit from these potions that I craft them even though I don't have an Pot Spec'ed Alchemist. On my server there is several hundred stacks of Adder's Tongue up at any time, they usually go for 11-12g/stack, I always buy out as much as I can because I also use this herb for inscription.

Potions of Speed require 2 Adder's Tongue & 1 Pygmy Oil & 1 Imbued Vial. 2 Adder's Tongue, Costs me roughly 1.2g, 1 Pygmy Oil costs .25g, And 1 Imbued Vial Costs .4g. Total Cost is roughly 1.85g, I sell these potions at about 20-25g per 5, Although I have some several lots of 5 at 45g+ on several occasions. That's ~2g-4g+ profit per potion you sell.



Pik said...

I will definitely try this with my transmute specced alchemist.

I have a feeling that Indestructible Potions may be profitable as well.

Joe A. said...

Adder's Tongue is decreasing in value, but I've never seen it sell that low on any server I've played on.

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