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Enchanting - A Gold Guru's Heaven

Ah Enchanting! I love this proffesion. I make so much from this proffesion it's gotten out of hand! I craft 20-30 scrolls once every 2-3 days and make what I spent on the mats times 5! I must admit tho I've never had much success selling the high end enchants, instead I focus on the BOA enchants. Im going to name off a few enchants I sell and list their cost & price that I sell them at.

Enchant Name - Enchant Cost - Enchant Sold At

Enchanting Weapon - Agility - 60-80g - 249g+
Enchanting Weapon - 2H Agility - 80-120g - 199g+
Enchanting Weapon - Mongoose - 250-300g - 400g+
Enchanting Weapon - Major Intellect - 100-140g - 350g+
Enchanting Weapon - Mighty Intellect - 140g-160g - 300g+
Enchanting Weapon - Strength - 45-60g - 350g+
Enchanting Weapon - Unholy - 60-70g - 150g+
Enchanting Weapon - Lifestealing - 70-90g - 200g+
Enchanting Weapon - Firey - 20-50g - 100g+
Enchanting Weapon - Icy Chill - 30-40g - 90g+

Enchant Bracer - Healing Power - 40-60g - 150g+
Enchant Chest Major Stamina - 2-5g - 50g+
Enchant Shield Greater Intellect - 20g-30g - 150g+

Those are the ones that I sell the most, if you have something else that you think I should be crafting and selling please let me know by posting a comment!

Update: FINALLY killed Lich King! Tonight I shall be Mageshadow, The Kingslayer! I spent roughly 40+/- Hours wiping on him with several guilds ( 4 to be exact ).


Worker said...

I happend to sell ALOT of: Scroll of Enchant Chest - Major Mana for the same reason: BOA. The mats cost around 12g and they often sell for 60g+:)

Carlos said...

I looked into that but Illusion dust is 5-6 ea, it would cost me 40-60g to make the scroll and current ah is 70g, not much profit, that's why I don't craft it ;(

Anonymous said...

Minor Speed
Major Health
Fiery Weapon


Cold said...

+30 SP to Wep - 700g
+29 SP to Wep - 400-500g
and why are you not selling Crusader? - 125g

Carlos said...

The 2 SP to weapons I farm every week but I find that their cost and selling price aren't too far apart.

I forgot to add crusader ;P, although I don't sell these as much as they is little profit, i craft them at 80 and they sell for about 100g.

Carlos said...

As for minor speed i'll look into that!
Thanks :)

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