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I made 150k+ in 1 day - TCG Loot & Flipping Values

Wow I must say just wow! I was just searching my realm forums yesterday and happened to spot a guy selling a Swift Spectral Tiger for 60k. I INSTANTLY bought this. You ask me why? Because the value of these things are about 250k+. Within an hour I had someone transfer to me with 16  Mekgineer's Chopper, each valued at 14k, and buy the mount off me. I still have the choppers but I can easily sell them at 14.5k ea or even 14k.

Just comes to show you browsing your realms forum can net you in some HUGE deals, I myself made 150k :).

There is great money to be made from TCG the only downside is that it requires heaps of gold to start off with, and sometimes you have to be willing to pay for several server transfers.


Wes said...

Congrats man! That's an amazing deal and an amazing find. Keep up the good work on the blog. Adding you to my blogroll as well over at

Keep it up!

Mageshadow said...

I actually bought another Swift Spectral Tiger for 60k. :)
Another 150k Profit incoming :)

sykez said...

where are you getting these tigers D:
i want one for myself if they're 60k

Mageshadow said...

They're all gone as far as I know :(

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