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A Different Aproach - Selling the Mats

I'll start here. Everyone is making supposedly heaps and heaps of gold from inscription by selling glyphs. I Have been a Scribe 3 times now and have dropped the profession for something else ( Enchanting, Blacksmithing ). All three times that I was a scribe I mass crafted Inks, Vellums, Offhands, etc and then dropped the profession. I remember that I had a Guild bank tab full of inks of the sea, I slowly sold them off, over a period of 2-3 weeks, they were all gone. I was selling each stack for about 120g per, sometimes lower or even higher.

Now let's jump ahead. A farmer posted 200 stacks of adder's tongue at 13g a stack, I bought them, of course. I have no scribe, but I did some math. All 189 stacks of adder's tongue costed me a total of 2457 gold. Milling everything, I'd end up with Roughly 70 stacks of Ink's of the Sea ( (((((189*20)/4)*2.98)/2)/20). 189 is how many stacks, Times 20 to find out how many total herbs we have. Divide by four to find out how many mills we have to do. Times 2.98, because that's what each mill roughly gives. Divide by 2 to find out how many total inks we get. Divide by 20 to find out how many stacks we get. If I sold each stack at 90g ( 4.5g/ink ) which seems reasonable, I'd make 6336g back. That's already a 3879g profit without adding the other ink.

Now let's do the math for the remaining ink ( Snowfall Ink ). (((((189*20)/4)*.49)/2)/20). Turns out to be roughly 11.5 stacks. I've never hard experience selling these but let's say I sell a stack for about 5g per ( Current AH tells me 1 sells for 10g, But I'm Low balling ). This turn out to be an extra 1150g, Of which all is pure profit.

I just wanted to point this out. I have NEVER tried to entered the glyph market. Okay maybe once, but it was controlled by 4+ people. This is a different approach to to make gold with inscription.

Please note most of the numbers I used came from wowhead, and most of this is just pure speculation.


Update: Quick update, I ended up with about 68 stacks of LotS, and about 10 stacks of snowfall, I've managed to sell about 15 stacks so far, they sell very slowly but they're selling. Average price per stack is 98g, which is fair.

Someone bought 20 stacks today for 125g/stack

Update 2: Been selling about 5 stacks a night, sometimes 10 if someone is leveling inscription, average of 107g/stack.

I've been buying ALL Northrend herbs below 20g, I have a couple hundred stacks now, going to proceed to keep doing this


ahnn said...

Maybe I should try it sometimes. It's always good to try different things once in a while.

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