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Recipe: Philosopher's Stone - An Alchemists Choke Point

Me Buying the Recipes While Casting :D

The profit on this recipe is quite insane. This recipe is NEEDED by ALL alchemists, because it's used for transmutes, without it you cannot do a single transmute.

This recipe is sold in Tanaris by Alchemist Pestlezugg, for 20 silver. You can buy as many as you want because it's not a limited recipe. I buy roughly 10-15 a week and mail them off to my bank alt and I sell them off by the end of the week. I can generally push for about 35-40g per recipe and sometimes more if are none on the AH.

While your here you can also pick up Transmute Iron to Gold, Transmute Mithril to Trusilver (Limited) & Transmute Arcanite, These sell rather well but I can't sell as many as the Philosopher's Stone. I normally only buy ~5 of these recipes.

I also pick up some Noggenfogger Elixirs while I'm at it :S, I'm a gnome and I've fallen in love with the Undead casting animation ^.^


Zamboni said...

If you're willing to wait until skill level 400, you can learn the Northrend trinkets from the trainer which will allow transmutations. You don't even have to be 75 to use trinket, just have it in the bag. The Philosopher's Stone recipe is indeed a profitable item to sell, but Alchemists can get by just fine without it.

Carlos said...

While what you say is very true the mats for the level 75 trinket are outrageous compared to the Philosopher's Stone.
Also many guides use this recipe for a free skill up :]

Cold said...

I sell all of the recipes that Pestlezugg sells.
I agree the PStone recipes sells best by far, but Arcanite sells well and for a lot also. Iron to Gold sells decent for around 7-8g for me.

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