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Holy Cow! I spent 50k Last night! - Cheap Mats & Return Prices

Holy Cow! I spent 50k Last night! No joke there was one farmer selling everything at very cheap price! I got 480 Cardinal Rubies at 75g per, 35 stacks of Abyss Crystals at 12.5g per, 50 Ametrines for 45g per, and couple minor things. I must admit I feel poor now :(

By the end of the night I managed to flip some of the cardinals at 110g ea, I still have roughly 340 Cardinal Rubies, I cut roughly 25 Cardinal Rubies, and posted them at an average price of 157g, within minutes, I sold several gems.

As for the Ametrines, I am actually keeping and cutting these, only because they don't really sell to well on my server. Ametrines sell much better when cut, especially when cut into Reckless. I can sell Ametrines at an average price of 146g.

I shattered the Abyss Crystals, and came up with roughly 900 Greater Cosmic Essence, and 2500 Infinite Dust. Dust on my server typically sells for 30-35g per stack, tonight it was at 37g per stack. Greater Cosmic Essences sell for 13-16g each. I managed to sell half the dust at 32.5/stack and roughly 200 Greater Cosmic Essences at 13g ea before calling it quits for the night.

All in all I made about 25-30k from everything that I listed here, I bought other things along with what's listed here, but if I listed everything then this post would become an encyclopedia ^.^

I guess the moral of this post is to get you to watch trade chat! Farmers & Hackers are trying to sell their stuff as fast as they can, and as soon as people see good deals it becomes a dog fight. Don't be afraid to dump your gold on mats that are extremely cheap, You're going to get it all back and then some. One tip I can offer is as an avid Alliance player, most hackers & farmers reside in Stormwind, Even though I hate the city ( Ironforge is 10 times better ), I can trade with them faster then other people, giving me access to even more mats that wouldn't have of been there if I had to travel to the farmer.

On a side note, the flask market on my server has officially crashed. I used to be able to sell flask at 20-22g per, now I'm lucky if they go above 16g. The sad thing is, that I have roughly 150 stacks of lichbloom, several hundred frost lotus & other herbs. Lichbloom prices have bottomed out at 18g/stack. They used to be at roughly 40-50g/stack. I'm not a very happy puppy with the current state of the flask market, I've tried to raise prices here and then, but everyone just undercuts their way down to 16g per flask.


NakedJay said...

GJ! I wish I could find that many cardinal rubies for that cheap. You can never have a large enough stock pile.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I managed to snag 30 cardinal rubies for 675, I was quite happy with that. The flask market on Laughing Skull has officially died. Both Wyrm and Rage are selling at 12g and below, it is nuts. I tried dumping some stock last night to clear space and had them returned to me even though the buyout was 13g per

Carlos said...

Wow that's an awesome deal for the cardinal rubies!

Hope you have more luck than I do with your flasks... I woke up to find they rose to 21g, and then by 8:00 they were back down to 14g

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