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Gordok Ogre Suit - Easy Gold Within Minutes

Ogre Party In Dalaran!
I love how people are always asking me, Hey Mageshadow, where'd you get that costume? Or How'd you become so big?. It's a great way to advertise specific items on the AH. By using this method you can easily rake in a couple hundred gold in a matter of minutes!

Today we're going to be talking about [Gordok Ogre Suit]. The suit does what the tooltip says, it turns you into an ogre, for 10 minutes. This suit is obtained inside of Dire Maul North, by completing a repeatable quest. The materials required to craft one are, 4 Rugged Leather, 2 Bolts of Runecloth, 1 Ogre Tannin, and 1 Rune Thread. Now your going to be like... Rugged Leather... check... Bolts of Runecloth... check.... Rune Thread....check.... Ogre Tannin.....What the #^@& is this? An Ogre Tannin is obtained by grabbing it from a basket that is right upstairs from where the quest turn in spot is. You can also obtain 1-2 extra Ogre Tannins from Knot Thimblejack's Cache, but the drop-rate is NOT 100%.

Originally this suit is intended to be used to "trick" an Ogre inside of Dire Maul, which in turn gives you an extra piece of loot if your running the instance. But I soon realized that you can actually mass craft these babies and sell them on the AH for large amounts of profits!

Many Ogres Sitting Around A Circle In Exodar
The only downside to these suits is that you can only have 1 in your inventory/bank at a time, no more & that you can only obtain 1-3 Ogre Tannin per Dire Maul North run. Each run for Ogre Tannins takes me roughly 4-5 minutes, even less if I use swiftness potions. The trick that I have found is to farm about 10-15 Ogre Tannin before hand ( normally 17, 1-2 to display the costume in Ironforge, Stormwind, ETC ), and then proceed to turn in the quest while dropping my trusty MOLL-E right next to the quest giver. This method allows me to mass craft the suits and then mail them off to my bank alt, where I post them up on the AH.

I do realize that Leatherworkers & Tailors can learn the patterns and mass craft these suits while in a major city, but they still need Ogre Tannins, so they still have to go to Dire Maul North.

Once you have obtained a fair amount of these, what I do is spam trade with a macro such as:

"Want to become an Ogre? Go buy an[Gordok Ogre Suit] at the AH! But be quick! They're rare and sell fast!"

By spamming this macro over the course of 15-20 minutes, I can normally sell 10-15 suits within 20 minutes. I can normally push for about 80-95g per suits on the AH, because simply, there is NO competition for these! That's the great things about crafting these, they're rarely known about and semi-hard to obtain.

Another plus when crafting the suit, it's better if you turn in the materials to the quest giver rather than craft the suits by using professions ( Tailoring & Leatherworking ), because when you turn in the quest you get reputation towards the Steamwheedle Cartel, it might not be much but if you craft as many as I do every week, then the small rep will add up, and you'll be that much close to the Insane title!

On a side note, I've made some changes to the blog, I've added a semi-decent logo that I'm content with, added twitter updates, More blogs to my blog roll and changed some color's around, but I wish to add more, so please any suggestions you can add, just leave a comment, I would appreciate it greatly. Feedback doesn't have to positive, criticism for me is just as good feedback as a compliment ( at least for me :D ). Sadly, I am still banned, and I will be until Sunday 5:34 PM EST. I've contacted Blizzard several times, 3 times by phone and twice by e-mail, and everyone has told me the same stupid story... " Your account has already been elevated and we cannot do anything, you must wait for the Game Masters to proceed with their investigation..."


Bloodshrike said...

Hey, saw you linked on Just My Two Copper, and came to check it out. Nice blog! :)

I've been selling the Ogre suits for 40g each, but I also haven't invested a lot of effort into obtaining them. I bought out some guys stock of them for 10g each, and have been randomly posting 1-2 of them per day. They sell out, like you say.

One last thing....I hope you already got the BloodSail title, because you need to have that at Honored, and STAY at honored, before you want to work on Steamwheedle rep.

Cold said...

This is the only time i miss dropping skinning on my main (bloodsail) because there is NO BETTER PLACE to farm Rugged Leather than herding the whole area of all the dogs around the first boss in DM North on the way to Knot and skinning the hell out of them. Between skinning all those dogs and BOE patterns from Thot you can make up a lot of cash.


I've only just started reading up on making gold after 5 years of wow being short on cash for anything and everything =) I Also saw you linked on just my two copper. some nice tips tbh but I'd like to see more posts per page instead of just one post per page.

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