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Using The World Of Warcraft Server Forums Wisely

Quoted from Official Wow Forums, Original Post By Léthalock:
"Hi there i have a nice gold making business which you may like to add to your blog, its not for everyone and requires substantial capital but its a nice easy way to make gold.

Rather than be gold capped on just one character i spread it around, i try and keep 100k+ on both my alliance character and my horde character.

I then made a post offering my services on my realm forums as a way for people to transfer gold cross faction in a hassle free way, i simply charge a 10% fee on top of the amount they want moved over.

Someone approaches my horde character gives me 5000g + my 500g fee i then log right over and give their alliance alt 5000g no mess no fuss. Neutral AH takes 15% so I'm cheaper and faster.

As i said this is not for everyone but if you have good capital and a good name you will find you have a steady flow of customers each week and you're making 10% to have your gold flow back and forth, some weeks are quiet and some are busy I've moved 10,000g or as much as 100,000g in a week but its all 100% risk fee.

I just made a thread on my realm forums outlining my idea then had some customers go bump the thread for me, no people just know if they need gold moved cross server to come looking for me its great ^_^ "

I was mind blown when I read this and thought this needs to be posted asap! So here it is, Comments/thoughts?


Cold said...

Yeah this is very easy way to make gold, started originally by Mr. Big in Ultima Online. So this isn't groundbreaking or new. And Mr. Big had a character on every UO Server and started out doing the exact same thing, transfer gold with a 10% fee (profit), but he was trading gold across servers.

I'd be wary here though as this kinda thing probably gets you red-flagged with blizzard.

Read about Mr. Big and other people that made real life money within virtual gaming economies in Play Money - Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot

Was cool to see Mr. Big in the book, as I had actually used him myself, when I transferred servers.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that cross-faction smuggling could probably be a very nice sideline, in terms of both commodities and money. Commodities would probably be safer as far as potentially having Blizz after you is concerned, as well.

Also, Blizzard would probably only really be concerned about this if they felt that RMT was involved. If you were able to assure them somehow that you were only doing it for in-game money to spend on some of their gold sinks, or that it was going to be re-invested back into the AH by you, they possibly wouldn't be so worried about it.

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