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Avenging Blades - Easy Gold In Seconds!

Me in Nagrand Talking to the vendor :)  + Tooltip of the Avenging Blades.
Today I will be writing about Avenging Blades. These blades are sold by a Halaa vendor, Aldraan for 2g21s42c each. In order to buy them your faction must control Halaa. They are unique, meaning you can only have one in your inventory at a time.

What I do is go to nagrand, talk to the vendor buy, 1 blade, disenchant it for a chance at 1-3 Greater Planar Essence. Each Essence is worth 11-15g ea. They are a rare spawn but the timers are not bad ( 45-60 mins ). I have my mage parked here and I log in, buy the blades, DE them log out and log back in once hour.

If you're really in need of Greater Planar Essences, and are not willing  to wait for the one hour spawn timer, and have a toon that's 70+ of the opposite faction, you can buy the first 3 blades, log into your opposite faction toon, kill the NPC and wait 3 minutes for him to respawn and buy 3 more blades. You can do this up to 18-20 times in an hour for an insane amount of gold. ( 800-1200g/hour ). Do keep in mind that there are many requirements to make insane amounts of gold.

There are also Halaani Claymores which are also rare spawn, they cost 9g each, but they also have a chance to give 1-2 Greater Planar Essence. I still buy these despite their price because there is still profit to be made from them.


Cold said...

Is this the same guy that sells Sharp Cookies or did they change them name on them to Avenging Blades?

Mageshadow said...

Sharp Cookies is the name for the horde side.
Avenging blades is the name for the alliance

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