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Ventrilo Meeting - How it went!

I had bunches of fun, not many people showed up ( 10 I think, total ) but we got to sit down and trade off ideas off each other, speculated what items would be gone come Cataclysm, What items we are currently stock piling and such. All in all I think it went pretty good, I'm just hoping more people show up for the next one. I can see this becoming big, but I need you, the readers, to help!

The Next Ventrilo Meeting!
The nest ventrilo meeting will be held on Friday November the 12th. 7 PM Eastern Time Zone. I know that this time is bad for my offshore readers but It's the only time I have free, sorry! The next one, will be held at 12 PM Eastern Time Zone , I think ( please confirm! ) that this time is evening time for you guys ( 8-10 PM )?

I'm doing it 2 weeks ahead of time, because I feel that this way I can promote this meeting more this time, I really need the help of my trusty readers though!

Recipe: Destruction Potion + Ventrilo meeting

It's finally here!
Today is the day! Make sure to clear your schedules and make time for tonights' ventrilo meeting! it starts promptly at 7 PM Eastern Time Zone. The Ventrilo Information will be posted at 6:30 Pm Eastern Time Zone. Everyone is welcome to come, even if you don't have a mic! If the turnout is good enough, this can become a weekly thing and I might even record a couple sessions and make a podcast out of it! We'll have to see though :P

Get on the with today's post!
Today's post regard another item that you should have on your snatch list. It is Recipe: Destruction Potion. The Potion is a rare world drop from Burning Crusade. I've picked this recipe up and banked it, why? Because most likely the prices for all of these rare recipes is only going to go up come cataclysm, and I'm in no rush to get more gold. Keep an eye out for rare recipes! Come to tonights meeting and I'll reveal a tip about them! Sorry for such a short post today!

One last thing, I'd like to give out a shoutout to Cold from Cold's Gold Factory, He's been really helpful with everything, I really appreciate it man.

Kaye Toogie - Use That Wormhole Every Cooldown!

Yesterday I logged in, right after the maintance and got a friend whispering me, that he's stuck in some sewer in Dalaran... I go.. Oh my god he's got the underground option that I've been trying to get for three months now... I instantly ask him... did you buy any patterns/schematics? He answers yes! I'm super excited and then he says that he learned them all.... man what a huge let down! Reckage I wanna murder you... <.<

So what's the deal with this vendor?
She's located in a sewer that's unreachable unless you use your Wormhole Generator: Northrend, and get the option "underground". This is a very rare occurance, I myself have been trying for three months and still haven't seen this option. I use my wormhole every cooldown!

Anyways, she sells three recipes, one of which is extremely rare! The recipes are, Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling, Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling, and Schematic: Mithril Mechanical Dragonling. The rarest one, Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling can be worth anywhere from 2,500-5,000 gold! The others fetch a nice price as well, but not nearly as much as the Arcanite Dragonling.

So if you're an engineer, make sure to be using that wormhole cooldown every time it's up, it could make you rich for a couple seconds worth of work ( actually a single mouse click! )

Ventrillo Meeting this Friday!
Don't forget about the Ventrilo meeting on friday guys! Everyone is invited to come! More information can be found here: Ventrilo Meeting Information.

Elixir Of The Searching Eye - Expanding Your Snatch List

Elixir Of The Searching Eye
Personally, I never even knew this recipe existed until it popped up on the auction house. It was posted for 100g, I wowheaded this elixir and found out it was rare, I instantly bought it.

How do you find these rare recipes??
People always ask me or wonder, Mageshadow, how do you find all of these rare recipes? My answer is time, time, time, time. I've been playing the Auction house for so long, I've had every profession at max level, It just took time before I learned the ins and outs of the said profession, I learned what the rare patterns where, and to be purely honest, I just run a manual scan two or three times a day, and see if any of the patterns/elixirs/schematics draw my attention, and if they do I Wowhead them, read the comments and then proceed to buy it.

Another great resource are other blogs & forums. The Just My Two Copper Forums is a great place to start if you are new and are looking for great tips. Another forum that I visit everyday are The Consortium Forums. Both forums are a great place to start off and learn more about making gold, as well as bounce ideas off each other and just chat with other friendly people that enjoy making gold.

Friday Friday Friday!
Don't forget to stop in this friday to have a live chat with me & anyone else who decides to drop by! No you don't need a mic, you can come in and listen if you want, or we can even join ventrilo chat and you can ask your questions that way! Just because you don't have a mic doesn't mean you can't participate! Everyone is welcome to come!

Want to have a chat with me in vent? You'll be able to!

So the past few days I've been thinking... man what is a really good way for my trusty readers to ask me questions, ask for tips, and I can respond to them instantly? It then popped into my head! Ventrilo!

I will be hosting a Ventrilo meet & greet on Friday, October 29 at 7PM Eastern Time Zone. I will post the information for the vent here, on Friday's post, right at the top of the post. You will be able to come on in, talk to me, introduce yourself, ask me any questions you'd want and I'll answer them live!

You can come one in and I will give you specific tips on how to make easy gold. You can tell me what professions you have and I will try my best to help you bring in an easy income on most of them. I will also be revealing a couple of my secret tips that I use day to day.

I will be reminding readers all week long about this, and if any of you bloggers want to join and help me make this event a blast, and help provide more insight, just leave a comment and we'll have a chat!

What is your opinion on this event? Good/Bad? Leave a comment!

How to Make Gold in Cataclysm.

Today's post is being asked by Zuggy, From Zuggy Gaming, He is running a carnival on November 18, I suggest everyone to check out his last carnival, which can be found here.

Zuggy's Blogging Carnival
How to Make Gold in Cataclysm.
An excellent question! Right now is the time to start thinking about this, Cataclysm is nearing and people are scrambling, they are looking for vanity items that won't be as available come Cataclysm. I have a couple tips that can help with that!

Razzashi Hatchling
My first tip is about the Razzashi Hatchling. I recently did a post on this. This pet will be gone come cataclysm, and yes this time it has been confirmed by blizzard. They have stated that anything related to ZG except the Tome of polymorph will be gone from the game. There is a slight chance that they will have another way for you to obtain the tiger & raptor bosses and even the pet, but the chances of that are slim to none. Come Cataclysm, this pet will be worth several thousand gold, and the price will only rise the further you hold onto this pet. I have been trying to farm this cute pet for almost a week... I plan to snag 6, I want to use one, and stock the other 5 in my bank for about a year, where I will bring them out and post them at absurd prices.

Gathering Professions Come Cataclysm
Come Cataclysm, people are going to want Realm First for professions. This is why my next tips is to make SURE you have a gathering proffesion once Cataclysm hits. When Wrath Of The Lich King first came out, Cobalt ore was going for absurd prices, I sold a couple stacks at 600g, and then slowly dropped in prices about a week after. Why was the price so high? It was because people WANTED to get those realm first, and they are willing to pay so much for them, it's crazy. Come Cataclysm, I can see herbs and ore netting HUGE amounts of profit, especially for the first week, you could easily walk out with an easy 50k if all you do is farm. It would not be pleasant, but hey 50k will surely take care of you for the rest of the expansion ( or so I hope! )

I have more tips, but I feel as though these are the easiest to do and the ones that don't provide such a big risk to those that don't have a nice empire of gold that they can afford to invest on such shaky grounds. Best of luck to all of you!

What Mistakes Have You Learned From While Playing the AH?

What a busy week! Markco & Zuggy are both running a carnival soon, and I've decided to participate in both. I will post Markco's Carnival Question today, and Zuggy's on Sunday. Thank you both for letting me participate in such an awesome event.

Markco's Blog Carnival
What Mistakes Have You Learned From While Playing the AH?

Oh boy.. what mistakes...? A whole bunch of mistakes... from learning how to control markets, to learning how to NOT spend too much and have little to no income come back.... I've learned so much, and to be honest, I haven't made too many mistakes, but the ones I have made have costed me quite a bit.

The most recent one was spending roughly 5k on epic gem materials... I thought that the Alchemy Transmute cooldown was going to be removed with patch 4.0.1... and that completely burned me out, I had 5,000g worth of almost useless materials that just sat there. I managed to get rid of most of the stock, but still I came out losing roughly 1,000g, it's not much but I was hoping that the initial 5k investment would double itself, and I was VERY disappointed.

Another mistake I've made before is buy a couple items too high that are hard to flip. In most cases the item took weeks to sell ( Haunted Mementos... omg you can't get rid of these! )... or in other cases I've sold a couple items for way too low and then realized this and asked myself.... could I have of gotten more? But in all honesty, mistakes are mistakes, if you can't sell this item or that item, don't worry about it, just keep trying and eventually it will sell, someone is out there wanting that specific item, you just need to have patience ( which I have little when it comes to selling high ticket items ). Patience is the key.

Controlling markets.... I suggest you don't even try this. It takes a LOT of gold to control a market and if you are not careful, you WILL burn yourself out. About 5 or 6 months ago, I was the go to man to get cheap flasks, I had a farmer supplying me, and I could sell flasks for cheaper then anyone could. That was until my farmer took off. At that point, I still had a nice supply ( about 2 weeks worth ) and I managed for a little while, after I ran out I started buying the materials off the Auction house, it was profitable but I wasn't happy. I asked around my competition and asked if I could buy their flasks for a little below market value ( 3-4g ) and most of them agreed, I was back in business, man was I wrong. I dumped roughly 20k on cheap flasks ( 17g back then, Market Value was roughly 23-25g )... only to log in the next night to find flasks at an all time low of 12g. They sat there for weeks... they never rose, and they still haven't. I lost 45% of my initial investment on this.... I later found out that my farmer, went to my competition, and he was selling me the flasks that costed him 12g to craft for a little under Market Value.... That really burned me out. I don't recommend to anyone to try to control a specific market, at all, even if you have the gold, it's VERY easy for someone to come and use the Walmart approach ( selling more at low prices ) and totally burn you out.

I guess the point of this post is that, yeah I make mistakes, but it's important that you learn from them and don't make the same mistake again.

Abyssal Bag is cheap to craft! - Fan E-mail

I recently got an e-mail, and I was ecstatic! this is the type of content that I love to have people e-mail me about. So I decided to turn his e-mail into a post.

Just checking my AH, and saw that the Abyssal Bag (32 slot soul shard bag prior to 4.0.1) is now a 22 slot normal bag. Since I never bothered learning it, I went to wowhead and noticed that the mats use less Eternals overall than the Glacial Bag. Abyssal is from 4 Ebonweave and 2 Spellweave, where the Glacial requires 4 Ebonweave and 4 Moonshroud. While looking at wowhead I wondered if Abyssal had the same CD as a Glacial. After flying to the vendor and purchasing the pattern, I found out that the Abyssal bag does NOT have a CD.

With the severely discounted Eternals on the AH, Abyssal Bags seem to offer a small window of opportunity. Since they lack a CD you can pump out several of them, and since they are 22 slots, people are willing to pay a decent chunk of change for them. When compared to the Glacial Bags, I can craft an abyssal for 294g compared to 348g, just using what is available on the Auction House. Some of the people who have a stockpile of Eternals that they hoped to use for crafting epic gems, might be able to transfer them into Abyssal Bags.

This change would also be an advantage to those who might still have a stockpile of Ebonweave, Spellweave, or Moonshrouds. Since the bonus proc for a tailoring specialization was removed, only 1 type of cloth can be made at a time, no doubles. Because of this the materials to create the bags are more expensive to make.

The main risk with going with the 22 slot bags, is their high cost, and possibly low market. Even with the discount in Eternals, their initial cost would likely be at least a couple hundred gold(Depending on your funds, that is a relatively high cost). Many people might not be interested in purchasing 22 slot bags a couple of months before the expansion, and most people would probably be fine with using Netherweave Bags for their alts when Cataclysm releases.

Depending on the realm this could be a nice source of profit. I doubt that they will be as reliable, or as low risk as Netherweave Bags, but they would be something to look into. Especially with the fact that they have no CD, they can be produced in bulk, and then put onto the AH over time.

Very Well said Jared! An Excellent strategy to earn easy gold, especially if it's promoted correctly in trade channel. You make an excellent point saying that people who got burned out on stocking up eternals for the patch could use those same eternals to craft these bags. This is a good source to get rid of those pesky eternals and make some of that lost profit back.

Jared did point out that Miss Mediocre, has also written up an excellent post about the same topic, that can be found here. I suggest for everyone to check out her blog, as it's well written & very nice. I will be adding her blog to my blog roll as soon as possible ( right after this post is finished ). Best of luck Miss Mediocre!

Want Easy Honor? I can help!

... Patch 4.0 basically broke battlegrounds for me.... It's been depressing. Bewteen the disconnects from the cogwheel bug or the bug where you get kicked out and blizzard hands you the deserter debuff for free, it's been extremely frustrating. I don't even want to set a foot in a battle ground, it's gotten old, and fast.

So I decided to poke my head around Grizzly Hills to see what is up. I remembered how Grizzly Hills had a couple pvp daily quests, I decided to give them a go. I found one quest that is so easy, yet it rewards so much. The name of the quest is called Always Seeking Solvent. Basically the quest requires you to go pickup an item called Element 115, and bring it back to the quest giver and he gives you a reward. The best part about this quest is that it is a repeatable quest, and therefore it can be done as many times as you want. Each turn in takes roughly a minute, and rewards 6 honor points. There is one downside, the item that you pickup slows you down, even if you mount up the fastest you will ever go is normal walking speed. I don't find it that much of  hassle because I can just AFK walk, and to be bluntly honest, I'm doing the quest as I write this post. The reward might not seem like much, but think about it, you could do this while waiting for that pesky battleground queue, or that pesky Random Battleground queue. Look at the video below to see the route that is taken for the horde. Sorry alliance!

I have managed to push around 260 honor per hour, and this is guaranteed, no oh my... our team is going to lose and I'm going to have to queue again so I can win my daily battleground. It's guaranteed, and it can be done at any time of the day, you don't have to wait 10-20 minutes for that queue.

Hallowed Wands - Profit Off The Achivement

The World of Warcraft Halloween Event is here! Everyone is trying to get their achivements done and one of them requires for someone to turn them into 7 different costumes. If you haven't noticed yet, people are paying 15-30g for someone to turn them into specific costumes, and it's such easy gold!

The way you obtain the Hallowed wands are by Trick or Treating any of the Innkeepers, and they will give you a bag that has a chance to contain one of the eight wands. One wand contains five different charges, so essentially one wand can be worth anywhere from 50-150g, it depends on how much you sell each charge for. The only downside is that you can only Trick or Treat once per hour per character. If you have a lot of toons, or alts, make sure to grab them and bring them to the closest Innkeepers to trick or treat. The more toons, the more gold, essentially.

On a side note, I'm thinking of starting a youtube account and start making videos for the blog. I have a couple ideas about where to start, I just want opinions on this. Are youtube videos better than posts/text? Which would you like more? I'm not going to stop doing posts, I'm simply asking if youtube videos are a good source to give information out.

Auctioneer Addons Not Working? I can help... a little :P

Well when 4.0 hit I was freaking out when I logged in and I realized 3/4 of my addons were useless... I was especially heart broken that Auctioneer wasn't working... so I rushed to WoWinterface and the JMTC Forums for help...

Here is a little background about me. I am an auctioneer freak. I've never used anything else. Ever. I hate KTQ, QA, I just like my simple Auctioneer tool. Sure QA posting might be faster, but I like to actually earn my gold rather than press a button to cancel & repost everything at once. That just feels like cheating. I've never liked QA, and never will. In my opinion it takes way too long to set up and is kind of confusing for starters. I like my manual labor, setting up my own thresholds, fallback prices, etc.

The first thing I downloaded was ZeroAuctions. I hated it. I loaded it up, tried to figure it out, and instantly dropped it. It was more complicated than I thought and instantly thought.. nope this isn't for me... and I uninstalled it. No disrespect Zero, honestly. I can't say anything about this addon, because quite frankly I didn't even give it a shot, it just wasn't my style of addon, and I wasn't feeling it.

I then rushed and downloaded Auctionator. This was actually pretty decent, I dragged an item to the box, it would scan, tell me how many are posted, by how many people, and at what price. It would then undercut instantly, and asked how many stacks, and number of stacks I wanted to post. I then hit post and everything was said and done. I didn't really mess with any of the options, but It worked good for 2 or three days, until I saw that Auctioneer was up & running again.. I recommend this addon to anyone who finds QA/KTQ/Auctioneer too complicated and just want something that is lightweight and allows them to post things easily and reliably.

I was browsing the JMTC forums and saw that the official forums for Auctioneer were posted there. I checked there and found out that the Auctioneer Developers had posted an early beta that fixed Auctioneer in 4.0. I Instantly downloaded it and installed it. I was once again in heaven.

If you're just a casual poster, I reccommend Auctionator, if you're a little more into your game and want an addon that gives a little more feedback & numbers, Auctioneer is your game. If you like the QA stuff... look into ZeroAuctions.

Razzashi Hatchling - ZG Woes

.... So MMO Champion has confirmed that ZG Mounts & pets are going away from Zul'gurub. The pet is actually rather farmable... and since it's going to be discontinued, the prices for these pets is going to sky rocket 6 months into Cataclysm. They're easy to farm, and it can be done by anyone that has patience. Sure it might require so time but it will surely be worth it come Cataclysm where people are going to want these and will be willing to pay top gold for this soon to be vanity item.

How/Where do I farm them?
They are farmed inside of Zul'Gurub, the best place is near/around the raptor boss. If you see a dinosaur with the name Razzashi, Kill it. The best way to farm for this pet is to get a fresh ZG lockout and just farm the pets, walk out and then wait about 30 minutes for a soft reset... and just walk back into ZG and keep on farming. If any of the bosses are killed them I do believe that the trash doesn't respawn ( Don't kill the raptor boss especially )... Don't quote me on this though, as this information comes from several comments from wowhead.

What do I do after I get them?
If you're impatient, you could try to sell them now at high prices... I've been scanning the AH and I've seen one of these pets pop up. That would be the safest route to take right now. You could also hold onto them well into Cataclysm where they will likely double or triple in price. People are willing to pay top dollar for vanity items that are hard to obtain. I myself will for sure be using one of these pets just to have.

Second that Emotion - Fan E-mail

Hey there,

I enjoy reading your blog, especially the money making tips for engineers. I thought I'd share one of my ways of making quick although not huge amounts of gold. My main character can cook all of the foods required for the Second that Emotion achievement. I'll hit the AH and buy up any of the foods required for the achievement which are almost always dirt cheap assuming they are even posted at all. Then I will go buy the actual materials needed to make the food, which again are cheap and usually not too many. From there I will cook up the food and spam in trade "Selling all the food needed for Second that Emotion, quick and easy achievement for only 25gold". I can usually sell four or five right off the bat. It's not a huge money maker but it's pretty easy and always sells on the weekends. Enjoy!


First of all, Thank you Finbar for the e-mail.

This is a very nice way to make some profit off an achievement. The Materials requires to make all four of the emotions foods are as follow:
  • Succulent Clam Meat
  • Mote of Shadow
  • Chunk o' Mammoth
  • Fangtooth Herring
  • Essence of Undeath
  • Simple Flour x2
  • Northern Egg
 All of these materials are rather cheap, and can be crafted by the masses. Once you have all four, Like finbar said you could spam trade, telling people to buy the crafted Item for the achievement, or better yet you could direct them at the AH so you don't have to meet them face to face.

Again Finbar, Thank you for the e-mail! I appreciate it greatly! To anyone that reads this blog, any ideas that you would like to share about making money/gold send them to If they are good, or even decent, I will most likely write up a post about it, such as this one.

Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder - Karazhan Rep

Last night I was checking the AH for any patterns that make my eye popped. I saw this on the Auction house and instantly looked it up on Wowhead, only to find that this recipe can be bought from a vendor outside of Karazhan if you have honored or above rep.

The name of the vendor is Apprentice Darius, he also sells other patterns but they are BOP for the most part. Like I said earlier, this recipe requires honored or higher reputation with the Violet Eye. The recipe costs 4g to obtain.

What I like about this, is that many people don't know about the recipe, and therefore there is no competition. On top of this, the recipe requires honored reputation which not everyone has. The profits that can be made from this recipe are big, I suggest you grab them now and start earning that easy gold.

Patch 4.0.1 - Turn In your Honor!

Go! Right now, turn in that honor if you have any! If you haven't heard patch 4.0 removes the Jewelcrafting vendor, and you can no longer turn in 10,000 honor for an epic gem. NOW is the time to do it, don't even hesitate, just do it, you'll thank me later.

The reason I'm telling to turn in your honor NOW, is because come this Tuesday ( hopefully the patch hits ) this jewelcrafting vendor will be gone, Yup, no more getting epic gems through honor. On top of this, the closer we get to patch 4.0 ( even post patch ) the prices of these gems will decrease. You ask why? People are trying to get rid of gems quickly, because the patch also removes the epic gem transmute from alchemists. People are going to be MASS crafting these gems and will try to get rid of them and most likely they will flood the market. The demand will be okay for red gems ( Armor Penetration is being removed ), but any other gem color will drop in price. So go now, turn them in and give yourself that extra easy gold.

On a side note, I kind of want to change the layout/design of the blog ( again I know ), I'm just wondering, do you guys like this layout? Are the colors okay? Is the site design good? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Recipe: Heroic Potion - Add It To Your Snatch List!

I've never heard of this potion until it popped up on the AH for 200g. Seeing as I've never heard of this potion, I instantly bought it. You're probably thinking.... Mageshadow you're stupid! 200g for a dumb Burning Crusade potion recipe! Let me explain!

200g for this recipe? WOW, You'se so dumb, fo real, You'se so dumb!
I bought this recipe because it's rare, today was the first time I've even heard about this recipe. The Recipe is a world drop from burning crusade, and that is why it is rarely seen. A double whammy... this recipe is unfarmable and on top of that, it only drops from burning crusade mobs. That itself makes it worth at least 1,000g.

Who would waste THAT much gold!?!?!
People do. Recipe Completionists ( is that even right? ). There are people that play this game and get bored, so they decide to get all of the possible recipes that ever exist, and they're willing to pay TOP dollar for recipes as rare as this one. I've even heard of stories where people transfer servers just to buy a single recipe, because sometimes the recipes are THAT rare!

Flash Bomb Recipe - Make an Easy 300g+

I have wanted this recipe ever since I put my eyes upon it. I have seen it multiple times on the AH and I always pick it up for extremely low prices and flipped them. I still do not have this recipe, I always have the urge to flip it..

Can I farm this recipe?
You sure can, but the drop rate from Mekgineer Thermaplugg is extremely low. What I recommend instead is doing a quest in badlands that requires you to fly to STV and pick up 9 pearls ( took me 10 minutes ) and then come back talk to the guy and Voila! you have a rare BOE recipe that is worth anywhere from 300-500g

Where is this quest you speak of? 

Look at the map to the left. That is the location of where the NPC is located. He will ask you to travel down to the Vile reef of Stranglethorn Vale and Pick up 9 blue pearls, after doing so, you come back to him turn in the first quest and then accept a second one seconds later to obtain the recipe. 

I have to admit now that I found out about this recipe, and this quest, I will be doing it on most if not all of my 40+ toons ( about 6 ) and I will stash a couple of these recipes for cataclysm, where I suspect this quest will be gone.

Update: The quest to get the schematic is for Engineers ONLY! 

Acadia's Gold Blog - Check it Out!

 This post was brought to you by SnapIt Screen Capture Software.

So last night as I was reading a couple e-mails I was approached by a special someone that asked me to check out their blog and read a couple of their post. I was mind blown. This guy ( or gal ) has some great ideas on how to make gold and I just want everyone to check out their blog.

I shall not keep you waiting anymore, here is the link to the blog. Acadia's Gold Blog. I recommend everyone to check the site out, and read some of the posts as they have some pretty good content.

One last thing, No I'm not being payed or anything to do this, I just felt that as a fellow blogger we should help each other out rather than ignore people, even if their ideas are terrible, everyone has right to have their ideas voiced and heard.

If anyone wants their blog featured I'm thinking about making a nice and hefty blog list one of these days, drop me an e-mail and I'll start making a post about them.

I hope your blog flourishes Acadia, Best of Luck Acadia! Keep up the good work!

Low Level Herbs - What Is Going On!?!?!

Alright so this weekend I managed to level my death knight to level 65 and ATTEMPTED to level alchemy. Keyword ATTEMPTED. I quickly picked up alchemy only to run back to AH and find all of the low level herbs at INSANE prices. Peacebloom going for 24g/stack, Briarthorn going for 27g/stack. My jaw dropped, I was like what in the world is going on?

So What's The Deal, Mageshadow?
Here is my theory, 4.0 is coming and it's coming quickly. People I'm sure by now know that 4.0 removes the cooldown on epic gems. Therefore everyone is rushing and leveling Alchemy on their alts/mains. People buy out the AH while leveling Alchemy and people who have nice stock of these low level herbs are making a HUGE profit from this. There is a huge demand for these herbs and a low supply.

Should I go out and farm these?
I would totally go out and farm these herbs. The demand for them right now is crazy to say the least. Everyone and their mother is leveling alchemy. The demand is high and the supply is low. I would go make an alt and level them with herbalism and pick everything in sight.

Zurai - Offbeat NPC Vendor

Zurai is a strange vendor. He Resides in Zangarmarsh in a place where not people know that there is even a questing hub here. For one thing, he is a quest giver, so people grab his quest and never notice that he sells rare recipes that rarely hit the auction house.

He sells three patterns that I rarely see posted on the auction house. They are Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Boots,Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Pants & Recipe: Feltail Delight. Two of the recipes are tailoring patterns but notice how out of the way you have to go to find out about these. The last recipe is a cooking recipe that can be flipped easily due to people wanting 160 recipes for the Chef De Cuisine achievement. Since none of these recipes are posted on the AH often they can be flipped for a pretty coin.

Oh and one last thing, Kendra, baby I love you! I hope you have a great day!