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Acadia's Gold Blog - Check it Out!

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So last night as I was reading a couple e-mails I was approached by a special someone that asked me to check out their blog and read a couple of their post. I was mind blown. This guy ( or gal ) has some great ideas on how to make gold and I just want everyone to check out their blog.

I shall not keep you waiting anymore, here is the link to the blog. Acadia's Gold Blog. I recommend everyone to check the site out, and read some of the posts as they have some pretty good content.

One last thing, No I'm not being payed or anything to do this, I just felt that as a fellow blogger we should help each other out rather than ignore people, even if their ideas are terrible, everyone has right to have their ideas voiced and heard.

If anyone wants their blog featured I'm thinking about making a nice and hefty blog list one of these days, drop me an e-mail and I'll start making a post about them.

I hope your blog flourishes Acadia, Best of Luck Acadia! Keep up the good work!


Acadia said...

thanks a lot for posting about my site. I hope some of your readers will come away with a good experience. I can't thank you enough, I emailed you looking for advice and got an entire blog post.

You're Awesome!

Love Acadia.

Anonymous said...

I also found that recently, unfortunately you can't post anonymous there^^

On the last topic with the pets I would have said to reconsider that Dalaran Pets, since a lot of Bank alts will be in Dalaran if there are really some auction NPCs located. Those won't be killable making this a good spot for your bank alt. And really close to the Dalaran pets ;)



Acadia said...

Didn't even notice I didn't have Anonymous able to post. This has fixed.

i agree there will still be traiding with Dalaran pets. I do however think the price will go up as the amount of users traiding in them will decrease. you'll always have mages to make the ports and people hearthing to Dal.

PVP Build said...

It's a pretty interesting site, thanks for the share.

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