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Elixir Of The Searching Eye - Expanding Your Snatch List

Elixir Of The Searching Eye
Personally, I never even knew this recipe existed until it popped up on the auction house. It was posted for 100g, I wowheaded this elixir and found out it was rare, I instantly bought it.

How do you find these rare recipes??
People always ask me or wonder, Mageshadow, how do you find all of these rare recipes? My answer is time, time, time, time. I've been playing the Auction house for so long, I've had every profession at max level, It just took time before I learned the ins and outs of the said profession, I learned what the rare patterns where, and to be purely honest, I just run a manual scan two or three times a day, and see if any of the patterns/elixirs/schematics draw my attention, and if they do I Wowhead them, read the comments and then proceed to buy it.

Another great resource are other blogs & forums. The Just My Two Copper Forums is a great place to start if you are new and are looking for great tips. Another forum that I visit everyday are The Consortium Forums. Both forums are a great place to start off and learn more about making gold, as well as bounce ideas off each other and just chat with other friendly people that enjoy making gold.

Friday Friday Friday!
Don't forget to stop in this friday to have a live chat with me & anyone else who decides to drop by! No you don't need a mic, you can come in and listen if you want, or we can even join ventrilo chat and you can ask your questions that way! Just because you don't have a mic doesn't mean you can't participate! Everyone is welcome to come!


Stede said...

Nice to see some honest advice & tips. So much of playing the AH is spending the time to dig & research things, but so many folks are always jonesing for a formula. Glad to see somebody say that it takes time.

PVP Build said...

ggreat tips, thanks as always

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