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Razzashi Hatchling - ZG Woes

.... So MMO Champion has confirmed that ZG Mounts & pets are going away from Zul'gurub. The pet is actually rather farmable... and since it's going to be discontinued, the prices for these pets is going to sky rocket 6 months into Cataclysm. They're easy to farm, and it can be done by anyone that has patience. Sure it might require so time but it will surely be worth it come Cataclysm where people are going to want these and will be willing to pay top gold for this soon to be vanity item.

How/Where do I farm them?
They are farmed inside of Zul'Gurub, the best place is near/around the raptor boss. If you see a dinosaur with the name Razzashi, Kill it. The best way to farm for this pet is to get a fresh ZG lockout and just farm the pets, walk out and then wait about 30 minutes for a soft reset... and just walk back into ZG and keep on farming. If any of the bosses are killed them I do believe that the trash doesn't respawn ( Don't kill the raptor boss especially )... Don't quote me on this though, as this information comes from several comments from wowhead.

What do I do after I get them?
If you're impatient, you could try to sell them now at high prices... I've been scanning the AH and I've seen one of these pets pop up. That would be the safest route to take right now. You could also hold onto them well into Cataclysm where they will likely double or triple in price. People are willing to pay top dollar for vanity items that are hard to obtain. I myself will for sure be using one of these pets just to have.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the trash is not linked to the bosses in ZG. You should be alright killing the boss.

Mageshadow said...

Seems you are correct,
"Dont kill raptor boss. If you do, you need to exit and wait 30mins for soft-reset for the raptors to respawn "

It is possible to farm the raptors with the boss down, it will just take longer than normal.

Cold said...

If you are doing full clears like I was its not an issue. Just go to the Raptor boss first, kill him for a shot at his mount then kill all the raptors nearby and outside his area with the blood drinkers.
Then go kill all the raptors and any other trash and bosses. More raptors will be respawned by the time you finish a full clear of bosses.

Or you can always kill them then log out. You get logged in at the entrance with a respawn when you log back in. I believe you can get around the soft reset this way, just like I did this when farming LBSs in BRD during Brewfest.

Luke said...

If you don't kill the boss you can just zone out and 'reset all instances' ... no need to wait 30 min.

Anonymous said...

I've been farming for a week in here, and have 16 pets saved up. I can confirm that the trash is NOT linked to a boss, they will respawn with the 30-minute soft reset, so feel free to kill them.

PVP Guide said...

@anonymous, thanks for the confirmation friend.

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