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Flash Bomb Recipe - Make an Easy 300g+

I have wanted this recipe ever since I put my eyes upon it. I have seen it multiple times on the AH and I always pick it up for extremely low prices and flipped them. I still do not have this recipe, I always have the urge to flip it..

Can I farm this recipe?
You sure can, but the drop rate from Mekgineer Thermaplugg is extremely low. What I recommend instead is doing a quest in badlands that requires you to fly to STV and pick up 9 pearls ( took me 10 minutes ) and then come back talk to the guy and Voila! you have a rare BOE recipe that is worth anywhere from 300-500g

Where is this quest you speak of? 

Look at the map to the left. That is the location of where the NPC is located. He will ask you to travel down to the Vile reef of Stranglethorn Vale and Pick up 9 blue pearls, after doing so, you come back to him turn in the first quest and then accept a second one seconds later to obtain the recipe. 

I have to admit now that I found out about this recipe, and this quest, I will be doing it on most if not all of my 40+ toons ( about 6 ) and I will stash a couple of these recipes for cataclysm, where I suspect this quest will be gone.

Update: The quest to get the schematic is for Engineers ONLY! 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you won't be eligible for the recipe quest unless you are an engineer. You still can accept and complete the first quest even if you don't master the skills of engineer but Rigglefuzz won't give you the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Anon beat me to it on the Eng only part for the quest line.

If you do have multiple engineers you want to get this with via the quest though, a druid w/ the aquatic form glyph makes an excellent farmer for the pearls.

You can sell them on the AH, but since they're only used for this quest and as a reagent in the actual bombs, they tend to sell poorly or for very low prices.

I've done a lot of Gnomer runs in my day specifically to farm Engineering patterns, and I've never seen him drop this one. Thermaplugg has a huge loot table and horrible drop rates for everything good.

Mageshadow said...

Oh wow I didn't notice that... I'll update the post..

Cold said...

You can gather the pearls from the giant clams without being on the quest. So you can bring your 9 pearls with you to turn into the quest guy in the badlands. Big time saver here.

Gonna do a post about how good these flash bombs are in PvP and I will link to this post you did.

WoW Gold Guide said...

Great post, i've never thought to do this to make money. It's good to see people still thinking of fresh and original ways to make money in wow.

PVP Build said...

I have to be an engineer? Shucks.

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