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Second that Emotion - Fan E-mail

Hey there,

I enjoy reading your blog, especially the money making tips for engineers. I thought I'd share one of my ways of making quick although not huge amounts of gold. My main character can cook all of the foods required for the Second that Emotion achievement. I'll hit the AH and buy up any of the foods required for the achievement which are almost always dirt cheap assuming they are even posted at all. Then I will go buy the actual materials needed to make the food, which again are cheap and usually not too many. From there I will cook up the food and spam in trade "Selling all the food needed for Second that Emotion, quick and easy achievement for only 25gold". I can usually sell four or five right off the bat. It's not a huge money maker but it's pretty easy and always sells on the weekends. Enjoy!


First of all, Thank you Finbar for the e-mail.

This is a very nice way to make some profit off an achievement. The Materials requires to make all four of the emotions foods are as follow:
  • Succulent Clam Meat
  • Mote of Shadow
  • Chunk o' Mammoth
  • Fangtooth Herring
  • Essence of Undeath
  • Simple Flour x2
  • Northern Egg
 All of these materials are rather cheap, and can be crafted by the masses. Once you have all four, Like finbar said you could spam trade, telling people to buy the crafted Item for the achievement, or better yet you could direct them at the AH so you don't have to meet them face to face.

Again Finbar, Thank you for the e-mail! I appreciate it greatly! To anyone that reads this blog, any ideas that you would like to share about making money/gold send them to If they are good, or even decent, I will most likely write up a post about it, such as this one.


Kammler said...

Nice tip. I will give this a try this weekend. Easy to obtain mats, very inexpensive to craft, and meets my "crafting for profit" standard--minimum 50% profit and goal of 100%.

First time visitor, I like the site. Thank Marckos for the traffic.

PVP Build said...

wow, very nice tip. I'm going to try this.

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