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Hallowed Wands - Profit Off The Achivement

The World of Warcraft Halloween Event is here! Everyone is trying to get their achivements done and one of them requires for someone to turn them into 7 different costumes. If you haven't noticed yet, people are paying 15-30g for someone to turn them into specific costumes, and it's such easy gold!

The way you obtain the Hallowed wands are by Trick or Treating any of the Innkeepers, and they will give you a bag that has a chance to contain one of the eight wands. One wand contains five different charges, so essentially one wand can be worth anywhere from 50-150g, it depends on how much you sell each charge for. The only downside is that you can only Trick or Treat once per hour per character. If you have a lot of toons, or alts, make sure to grab them and bring them to the closest Innkeepers to trick or treat. The more toons, the more gold, essentially.

On a side note, I'm thinking of starting a youtube account and start making videos for the blog. I have a couple ideas about where to start, I just want opinions on this. Are youtube videos better than posts/text? Which would you like more? I'm not going to stop doing posts, I'm simply asking if youtube videos are a good source to give information out.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, I've made a bit of gold from doing this last year and the year before. Though I seem to also be on a server full of silly people who give them away for free. There's a couple of people starting to stand out on trade, as soon as someone says WTS wand - bat 10g for example they then say giving away wand - bat. Spoil sports!

I don't have an opinion about the youtube vids. I don't think one is better than the other but they certainly make a great little bonus. I'd love it if you did both!

Cold said...

IMO youtube videos are a supplemental source of information, not a primary strategy.

The wands....Be like me and bank the leftovers until next year so on the early days of the holiday you can zap every wand people are after.

Anonymous said...

Youtube Videos are much better, DONT not do these posts but do some video's there fun for people to watch.

Anonymous said...

Vids are a good addition, but a lot of people read blogs while they're at work and YouTube is blocked. So if you do it, make sure you put the important stuff into text as well.

And I agree with what Cold says there, the best time to make some bank with the wands is on the first day or in other months, so save up your charges.

You can get the achievements at any time, not just during the holiday, so selling in off months can be good too, especially with how many people are still having enough trouble logging in or getting frequently disconnected so that they're not even playing right now.

Skab said...
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Skab said...

Videos, while "current" and happening, are difficult to search, difficult to skim, and impossible for me to watch at work.

The blog, though, is text, and I can use firefox to strip out all of the formatting, and read it in word..

It *LOOKS* like work. Must be work.

Live Long, and Prosper!

PVP Build said...

I think text is better imo, but youtube videos are always great and could possibly reach more people.

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