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Recipe: Heroic Potion - Add It To Your Snatch List!

I've never heard of this potion until it popped up on the AH for 200g. Seeing as I've never heard of this potion, I instantly bought it. You're probably thinking.... Mageshadow you're stupid! 200g for a dumb Burning Crusade potion recipe! Let me explain!

200g for this recipe? WOW, You'se so dumb, fo real, You'se so dumb!
I bought this recipe because it's rare, today was the first time I've even heard about this recipe. The Recipe is a world drop from burning crusade, and that is why it is rarely seen. A double whammy... this recipe is unfarmable and on top of that, it only drops from burning crusade mobs. That itself makes it worth at least 1,000g.

Who would waste THAT much gold!?!?!
People do. Recipe Completionists ( is that even right? ). There are people that play this game and get bored, so they decide to get all of the possible recipes that ever exist, and they're willing to pay TOP dollar for recipes as rare as this one. I've even heard of stories where people transfer servers just to buy a single recipe, because sometimes the recipes are THAT rare!


Anonymous said...

I buy patterns that I'm missing for certain professions, even if the price is a bit ridiculous. That's why I got started on the whole gold making thing in the first place, because I wanted to have enough gold to be able to buy all of those patterns and not have to worry about it.

I don't care about filling my money pouch to the gold cap, but I do care about filling up my recipe books. I don't buy every pattern I'm missing, because I'm not a collector of random stupid crap I'm never going to use on any character at all, but if I might use it on a toon or if it has another use such as being a reagent for another recipe or being required for a quest, then I'm going to get it.

It's not just about getting bored, it's about completing an aspect of the game that many people choose to ignore. It's what collectors like about the game, and really they're no different than you or I. You collect gold, they collect patterns/pets/mounts.

Cold said...

This post goes along with the post that I did today as well. You wanna talk about recipes, plans, and schematics you've never heard of? Check out my post on the Zul'Aman Sealed Scroll Case Lottery. Follow the Wowhead link and view the contents of the 70+ recipes that can be found within this 1 rare limited spawn vendor item. A recipe collector or goblin rare pattern flipper's paradise!

This Heroic potion is actually decent to be used today by tanks, especially ones newer to tanking to help save ur arse as well as tanks crossing into new tanking dungeon tiers like into outlands or northrend dungeons for the first time. There also is a super sexy tanking potion recipe that can drop in the scroll case. It raises strength and Defense for 15 seconds, where as this one raises strength and max health pool.

Good post!

Finan said...

Wow. I've enjoyed your posts so far but this seems like it was written by a thirteen year-old who forgot to take his ritalin.

I am one of those "stupid" collectors who "wastes" gold on "dumb" recipes. And like psynister, the reason I started reading these types of blogs is because this is probably one of the most expensive hobbies there is. I also agree with him in that we all get our own entertainment out of this game in different ways. Attacking someone's interest just because you don't share it is just immature. Personally, I don't understand why people make gold just for the sake of making gold but you don't see me ridiculing them for it. If that's what's fun for them in the game, who am I to say otherwise?

And lastly, I don't know what value there is in this post. Find something rare and sell it for a lot of gold. Wow, who knew?

Mageshadow said...

You took the point of this post completely wrong... I was just trying to act as if 200g was a lot of gold to someone that wasn't rich. I'm talking about people who only have 200-300 TOTAL gold.

As for attacking other people's way of entertainment, I myself am a recipe collector, so what's the deal?

The main point of the post was for just to get people to add it to their snatch list, until now I've never even known this potion existed.

PVP Build said...

@Finan, I don't think the poster is saying "stand at the auction house all day and if it's for sale, buy it." I think they're saying, do what you gotta do to make gold, and whenever you make it to an auction house, check to see if its in the auction house, because not many people know about it.

It's ironic how you call the poster "immature", where clearly your bashing on the poster is immature as well. Hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

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