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Recipe: Destruction Potion + Ventrilo meeting

It's finally here!
Today is the day! Make sure to clear your schedules and make time for tonights' ventrilo meeting! it starts promptly at 7 PM Eastern Time Zone. The Ventrilo Information will be posted at 6:30 Pm Eastern Time Zone. Everyone is welcome to come, even if you don't have a mic! If the turnout is good enough, this can become a weekly thing and I might even record a couple sessions and make a podcast out of it! We'll have to see though :P

Get on the with today's post!
Today's post regard another item that you should have on your snatch list. It is Recipe: Destruction Potion. The Potion is a rare world drop from Burning Crusade. I've picked this recipe up and banked it, why? Because most likely the prices for all of these rare recipes is only going to go up come cataclysm, and I'm in no rush to get more gold. Keep an eye out for rare recipes! Come to tonights meeting and I'll reveal a tip about them! Sorry for such a short post today!

One last thing, I'd like to give out a shoutout to Cold from Cold's Gold Factory, He's been really helpful with everything, I really appreciate it man.


Wes said...

Was an awesome time. I'd love to do it again. Wish I could have stayed longer :D

Anonymous said...

Ugh I missed the vent meeting, was planning on joining but got busy with RL =(

Cold said...

How did it go Wes? You writing up a re-cap?

Anonymous said...

i had a good time, though i wish there were more people there. thanks for the help with my questions :)


The Coin Master said...

I'll be writing up a re-cap tonight... Sorry, long night last night

PVP Build said...

sounds like it was fun

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