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Low Level Herbs - What Is Going On!?!?!

Alright so this weekend I managed to level my death knight to level 65 and ATTEMPTED to level alchemy. Keyword ATTEMPTED. I quickly picked up alchemy only to run back to AH and find all of the low level herbs at INSANE prices. Peacebloom going for 24g/stack, Briarthorn going for 27g/stack. My jaw dropped, I was like what in the world is going on?

So What's The Deal, Mageshadow?
Here is my theory, 4.0 is coming and it's coming quickly. People I'm sure by now know that 4.0 removes the cooldown on epic gems. Therefore everyone is rushing and leveling Alchemy on their alts/mains. People buy out the AH while leveling Alchemy and people who have nice stock of these low level herbs are making a HUGE profit from this. There is a huge demand for these herbs and a low supply.

Should I go out and farm these?
I would totally go out and farm these herbs. The demand for them right now is crazy to say the least. Everyone and their mother is leveling alchemy. The demand is high and the supply is low. I would go make an alt and level them with herbalism and pick everything in sight.


Cold said...

Prices have been up since the last wave of Warden Bans, it's nothing new. How many people are leveling alchemy due to the CD removal? If anything more people who had multiple alchemists are leveling something else or are changing alchemy specializations to elixir or potion master. The stockpiling of glyphs for the upcoming sales boost, may also be contributing to low cost herbs being bought out.

Anonymous said...

On my realm there are many speculators that flip them since there is constant demand but fluctuating supply. I don't think many people rush to level an alchemist. I mean who is seriously into gold making and does not have one by now ? :=)


Abelf said...

I'm not sure whether it's alchemy, glyphs, or speculators. All I know is that this weekend, and even Monday, had some really high prices. Hopefully the prices go down a bit, because I still need to stock up some glyphs for 4.0.

Dàchéng said...

Cold is correct. These high prices for low-level herbs have been around for quite a lot longer than you might have thought.

Also rising in price (but for a different reason) are those "useless" glyphs that were produced by scribes in bulk simply to level up their profession, and then sold off for a pittance, far less than their production costs (Glyph of Voidwalker, I'm looking at you!). I think that they are being bought up by speculators who believe (as I do) that come 4.0, demand for all glyphs will rocket. Especially for the ones that nobody would previously bother to buy.

PVP Build said...

ya, this happend on my server too. All of the low-level alechmy items, mining items, etc..are insanely high prices.

Anonymous said...

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