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Auctioneer Addons Not Working? I can help... a little :P

Well when 4.0 hit I was freaking out when I logged in and I realized 3/4 of my addons were useless... I was especially heart broken that Auctioneer wasn't working... so I rushed to WoWinterface and the JMTC Forums for help...

Here is a little background about me. I am an auctioneer freak. I've never used anything else. Ever. I hate KTQ, QA, I just like my simple Auctioneer tool. Sure QA posting might be faster, but I like to actually earn my gold rather than press a button to cancel & repost everything at once. That just feels like cheating. I've never liked QA, and never will. In my opinion it takes way too long to set up and is kind of confusing for starters. I like my manual labor, setting up my own thresholds, fallback prices, etc.

The first thing I downloaded was ZeroAuctions. I hated it. I loaded it up, tried to figure it out, and instantly dropped it. It was more complicated than I thought and instantly thought.. nope this isn't for me... and I uninstalled it. No disrespect Zero, honestly. I can't say anything about this addon, because quite frankly I didn't even give it a shot, it just wasn't my style of addon, and I wasn't feeling it.

I then rushed and downloaded Auctionator. This was actually pretty decent, I dragged an item to the box, it would scan, tell me how many are posted, by how many people, and at what price. It would then undercut instantly, and asked how many stacks, and number of stacks I wanted to post. I then hit post and everything was said and done. I didn't really mess with any of the options, but It worked good for 2 or three days, until I saw that Auctioneer was up & running again.. I recommend this addon to anyone who finds QA/KTQ/Auctioneer too complicated and just want something that is lightweight and allows them to post things easily and reliably.

I was browsing the JMTC forums and saw that the official forums for Auctioneer were posted there. I checked there and found out that the Auctioneer Developers had posted an early beta that fixed Auctioneer in 4.0. I Instantly downloaded it and installed it. I was once again in heaven.

If you're just a casual poster, I reccommend Auctionator, if you're a little more into your game and want an addon that gives a little more feedback & numbers, Auctioneer is your game. If you like the QA stuff... look into ZeroAuctions.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, how do I install the new version of Auctioneer? I've downloaded the zip files, opened them up and now I'm stuck. Do I need to manually install them in one of my WOW folders? Any help would be appreciated!

WoW Gold Guide said...

I've gotta agree, I love using Auctioneer and will probably continue to do so until the end of time, it's a great tool and I guess i've just gotten so used to it I'm just biased, lol, either way I think it's probably the best add on there is right now.

Anonymous said...

You should look into Auction Profit Master, it's almost a direct replacement for QA3

Anonymous said...

No love for AuctionLite?

MissMediocre said...

I tried Auctionator as well when Auctioneer wasn't working after the patch. I agree that it was decent, but didn't quite live up to my dear Auctioneer. Thank you so much for providing the link to the working beta! I hadn't been able to find it yet and have been missing Auctioneer so much! :)

PVP Build said...

Auctioneer is like my best friend in the game! lol. Great post, as always.

Anonymous said...

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