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Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder - Karazhan Rep

Last night I was checking the AH for any patterns that make my eye popped. I saw this on the Auction house and instantly looked it up on Wowhead, only to find that this recipe can be bought from a vendor outside of Karazhan if you have honored or above rep.

The name of the vendor is Apprentice Darius, he also sells other patterns but they are BOP for the most part. Like I said earlier, this recipe requires honored or higher reputation with the Violet Eye. The recipe costs 4g to obtain.

What I like about this, is that many people don't know about the recipe, and therefore there is no competition. On top of this, the recipe requires honored reputation which not everyone has. The profits that can be made from this recipe are big, I suggest you grab them now and start earning that easy gold.


Cold said...

The recipe still requires honored rep to learn it, so anyone with half a brain should know where to buy it if they can learn it, instead of buying it for a marked-up price on the auction house.

Wonder if they sell at all.

Mageshadow said...

Huh, weird I wonder why they made this recipe BOE if you can't learn it if you don't have honored reputation.

I know I would pay the marked up price because quite frankly... getting to karazhan is a huge pain in the butt.

Finbar said...


It's called convenience and it's a big part of AH sales.

Harold said...

Any Alchemist that that is already honored with the Violet Eye...I'm sure has this recipe already. I just don't see this as being profitable...but I'm sure as hell going to try and sell a few.

PVP Build said...

Is this vender still there?

@Harold, people buy anything, hehe

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