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About Me!

I'm an 19 year old gamer, I've been playing games since I've been six. It all started with the Super Nintendo, Contra and Super Mario World. Man those were the day, you'd invite everyone to come play and it was extremely fun. The Xbox was my first real console, I played Halo 1 to death, I slowly moved on, Halo 2, and so on, I've been a Halo fan since it first came out. I've stopped at Halo ODST, I played some of the Halo: Reach Beta, and hated it, I didn't even buy the game. I've also played Call of Duty, Mostly COD 4, but quite a bit of five and six. I loved all three of them. I don't really enjoy offline games, I'm more of a Online guy, I love how every game can be extremely different than the last.

I first saw World of Warcraft when I went over to my friends house and he showed it to me, when I first saw it I was astonished, I was amazed and I was hooked. It was amazing and mind blowing to me how the game worked, how simple yet addictive it was. That was back in 2005, I didn't have the money to pay for the game, so I forgot about it until I picked up a trial for $1.99 from the local Gamestop. Man, I was so hooked. I have been playing since 2007, with breaks for school. I play a Fire Mage as my main, with an alt Holy/Prot Paladin.

I first got into the gold game when I wanted the Tundra Mammoth. I saved up for months, roughly 4 to be exact. I bought it and I thought to myself... why can't I get all that gold back? I instantly started flipping things left and right, in a matter of 2 weeks I had 15k. I then started investing into my paladin, I leveled him to 80 and powerleved Jewelcrafting, and started buying Saronite ore by the truckload, I was constantly dealing with 5-600 stacks a week, I basically ran my servers gem market. I would log in every morning to ridiculous amounts of gold, I did this until I hit 60k. Since then, I've been on Auto Pilot. I now use Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Engineering and Blacksmithing. The biggest money makers so far have been Inscription, Enchanting and Engineering.

I started this blog to help people, seeing as not everyone has the smarts to make gold, I thought, what is the best way to help people out? To be completely honest, I' haven't made a single cent off the blog, it's up for you guys, and I love helping you. I didn't plan on making anything, I just want to spread my knowledge to others.

I can be contacted at