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Abyssal Bag is cheap to craft! - Fan E-mail

I recently got an e-mail, and I was ecstatic! this is the type of content that I love to have people e-mail me about. So I decided to turn his e-mail into a post.

Just checking my AH, and saw that the Abyssal Bag (32 slot soul shard bag prior to 4.0.1) is now a 22 slot normal bag. Since I never bothered learning it, I went to wowhead and noticed that the mats use less Eternals overall than the Glacial Bag. Abyssal is from 4 Ebonweave and 2 Spellweave, where the Glacial requires 4 Ebonweave and 4 Moonshroud. While looking at wowhead I wondered if Abyssal had the same CD as a Glacial. After flying to the vendor and purchasing the pattern, I found out that the Abyssal bag does NOT have a CD.

With the severely discounted Eternals on the AH, Abyssal Bags seem to offer a small window of opportunity. Since they lack a CD you can pump out several of them, and since they are 22 slots, people are willing to pay a decent chunk of change for them. When compared to the Glacial Bags, I can craft an abyssal for 294g compared to 348g, just using what is available on the Auction House. Some of the people who have a stockpile of Eternals that they hoped to use for crafting epic gems, might be able to transfer them into Abyssal Bags.

This change would also be an advantage to those who might still have a stockpile of Ebonweave, Spellweave, or Moonshrouds. Since the bonus proc for a tailoring specialization was removed, only 1 type of cloth can be made at a time, no doubles. Because of this the materials to create the bags are more expensive to make.

The main risk with going with the 22 slot bags, is their high cost, and possibly low market. Even with the discount in Eternals, their initial cost would likely be at least a couple hundred gold(Depending on your funds, that is a relatively high cost). Many people might not be interested in purchasing 22 slot bags a couple of months before the expansion, and most people would probably be fine with using Netherweave Bags for their alts when Cataclysm releases.

Depending on the realm this could be a nice source of profit. I doubt that they will be as reliable, or as low risk as Netherweave Bags, but they would be something to look into. Especially with the fact that they have no CD, they can be produced in bulk, and then put onto the AH over time.

Very Well said Jared! An Excellent strategy to earn easy gold, especially if it's promoted correctly in trade channel. You make an excellent point saying that people who got burned out on stocking up eternals for the patch could use those same eternals to craft these bags. This is a good source to get rid of those pesky eternals and make some of that lost profit back.

Jared did point out that Miss Mediocre, has also written up an excellent post about the same topic, that can be found here. I suggest for everyone to check out her blog, as it's well written & very nice. I will be adding her blog to my blog roll as soon as possible ( right after this post is finished ). Best of luck Miss Mediocre!


Miss Mediocre said...

Thank you! :D Those Abyssal Bags are making me so much money on my server. If anyone notices they are selling for less than the cost of mats on their server, don't give up right away! This happened to me, they went down to 200g and the price of eternal fires went up to 50g, but since that happened, all my competition has ducked out of the market, and I'm back to selling them for 350g. Not everyone's competition will be as fickle as mine I'm sure, but if you keep checking back it could pay off! :)

Shaft said...

I have been trying to sell them for awhile but it is hard to get the word out on trade chat. With all the server problems and the holiday issues the trade channel is troll central and I think half the sensible people on my server have closed the channel when they are in cities.

Allen said...

I have made a decent profit from these. You just have to know your market and when to get the cheapest mats available. I normally look for Eternal Fire's around 10-12g each (I usually see a drop in price at different times of the day, but they usually reach this price daily) Or I buy up all the frozen orbs that are around 10g each. As for the Eternal Shadows, I can normally find them around 2-4g each. Infinite Dust you can usually find around 1g each or you can DE rings from JC. It all depends on your server. But it takes me about less than 100g to craft a bag that sells for about 250g each.

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PVP Build said...

Abyssal bags still making me mula :)

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