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Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision - Add it to your snatch list!

A gnome "sleeping" while under the effects of this elixir
[Recipe: Elixir of Dream Vision] is a very rare old world recipe drop. In fact it's almost as rare as the +4 stats to chest enchant. I have heard horror stories about this recipe. The only real way to farm this recipe is to kill the old world dragons which are semi-hard to solo. I attempted to solo one on my 5300 GS ( 45k HP ) Prot Paladin and failed miserably.

The recipe is kinda cool in my opinion, It's just like the warlock spell Eye of Kilrogg, or the Hunter ability Eyes of the beast, which allows you to control a floating eye (warlock) or your pet (hunter) but instead it allows you to control a invisible orb that will not aggro anything. You fall asleep and you can freely move the invisible orb around for 2 minutes. I used mine an elixir Ironforge and managed to get to Kharanos before the elixir wore out.

 I picked up this recipe about 2 weeks ago for 25g. Since then I have sold the recipe for 3500g. It's crazy how much gold rare old world recipes can go for.

That just teaches you that by adding all of these old world recipes to your snatch list you can make ridiculous amounts of gold with minimal time spent ( a scan or two ^.^).


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