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Runecloth Farming - Reputation Woes

I Tell You It's A Myth!
Alright well today's post will be about farming Stratholme. I myself have started working on the Ambassador title, and I totally HATE questing. I have started to buy out ALL stacks of Runecloth I can possibly find at 5g/stack.

A great place to farm Runecloth is Stratholme. When I run "Runecloth" farming runs, I also try for the Baron. See the great thing about Stratholme is that almost everything that drops inside here has value. Greens get DE'd into dusts and Essences for enchants. Blues give me Large Brilliant shards, Greys are vendored, Pristine Black Diamonds are sold for ridiculous prices, Runecloth is used. Farming this place is like killing 7 birds with one stone.

When I run Stratholme, for any reason, I walk out of here with almost 900g worth of items, and even more if I'm lucky and a Pristine Black Diamond Drops. 1 run takes about 40-45 minutes, so the gold per hour here is pretty good. Although I must admit you won't makes as much if you're not an Enchanter. An awesome plus is that you also have a chance for the baron mount ( which is a myth! ).


Anonymous said...

Its not a myth i got it 32 run too lol

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