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Do your Dalaran Fishing Daily! - 20-150g in 5 minutes!

I'm not sure how many people realize how much gold you can net form this daily. The past 2 days I've done this daily, I've gotten 2 grey items, one which vendored at 25g and the other at 100g, all for under 5-10 minutes worth of work. It's an extremely easy daily to do, I even do my daily while watching a movie, yes, it's THAT simple. Trust me you won't regret it! You can even snag yourself 2 different pets!

How Much Time Are We Talking Here?

There are 5 different Dalaran Fishing Dailies. Only 2 of them require for you to travel 5 minutes. 2 of the dailies can be fished up in Dalaran, and the last one is a minute away from Dalaran ( Wintergrasp ).

Let's Talk Gold!

You're guaranteed at bare minimum 13g for completing the quest. On top of the 13g you get a bag that can contain tons of goodies, ranging from 25-150g. Some of the greys that you can grab vendor for 100g, others can go for 25g, or sometimes as little as a couple silver. You can also get lucky and get either a Waterlogged Recipe or Sealed Vial Of Poison. The Waterlogged Recipe fetches roughly 100g on my server, while the Sealed Vial Of Poison goes for about 45g. Sometimes you can net yourself an epic gem that's well worth 75g+, I must admit it's rare and I've only seen one.

If that's not enough, you can also snag yourself a some nice pets! The first one can be fished up in the Dalaran sewers while trying to complete the daily named Jewel Of The Sewers. The Second pet can be obtained from the bag received once you turn in the daily. I have both pets, and both of them required minimal effort, I'd say maybe a couple days of casual fishing is all that is required.

The past two days I've made roughly 160g from two dailies. I got one of the greys that vendors for 100g and another for 25g.


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