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Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining - Huge Profits!

I ran an Ulduar 25 pug a couple weeks ago and was lucky enough to have this formula drop of heroic XT. Man am I glad I did! These things sell like hot cakes and the profit margins on it are HUGE!

[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining] requires 4 abbyss crystals, one scarlet ruby and 40 infinite dust. I buy all the materials off the auction house and it costs me roughly 185-200g. I then put the enchant on a scroll and list them on the auction house for about 800-900g per scroll! Yeah that's right 700g PROFIT from 1 scroll!

The best thing about this enchant is that many tanks use this, therefore it sells pretty fast. Also since the formula is so rare, you'll rarely have competition. The profit margins are so high that even if you do have competition, and you undercut each other down to 500g, you're still making 300g from it!


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