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Farming While An Engineer - You Read Right!

Alright, since I just faction changed my Mage I've found myself using cobalt frag bombs like crazy in battlegrounds. Cobalt bars have been going for crazy high prices that I'm not willing to spend money on. So I thought, hmmm I remember back when I got Jeeves there were these little gnomes in storm peaks that I could "skin" for engineer materials. I quickly flew over there and started mass pulling them ( 10-15 at a time ).

I was amazed at what materials they dropped, it was the exact mats needed to make the cobalt frag bombs, since then I was hooked. They have a change to drop 1-3 Volatile Blasting Triggers ( Each worth roughly 4-5g ) or 1-4 Hand Full Of Cobalt Bolts ( Each worth roughly 2-3g ).

I farmed these for about 25 minutes, and man I must say their respawn timer is short! I walked out of here with 4 greens, about 120g in pure vendor greys, 60 Volatile Blasting Triggers, and 42 Hand Full Of Cobalt Bolts. The greens got DE'ed and turned out to be an extra 56g, once the materials sold. I managed to sell the some Volatile Blasting Triggers at 4g per and the Hand Full Of Cobalt Bolts at 3.5g per. They also have a chance to drop relics of Ulduar, I walked out with about 50 of them, the markup on them isn't as big as they used to be, but they should still net some decent gold.

All in all, once these materials sell, I should make about 560g, for 25 minutes worth of work. Not bad considering that turns out to be about 1120g per hour. Please do keep in mind, you are only targeting a specific type of market ( engineers ) so the how fast you sell the materials is going to vary from server to server. I imagine it would be better for PVP servers as the cobalt frag bombs are amazing to use while BG'ing.


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