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Flipping Magnus Frostwake's Plans - Guest Post

A Guest Post by Cold of Cold's Gold Factory

Ghostly Vendor
You may not recognise the npc vendor Magnus Frostwake. He is an npc located outside of the instance Scholomance. He is not able to be seen unless you complete a series of quests within Scholomance. The quest chain starts from Eva Sarkhoff just outside the entrance. After completing 3 parts of the quest chain, you will rewarded with a trinket, Spectral Essence. Once you obtain this trinket and equip it, the ghostly denizens outside of Scholomance can be seen and interacted with. Magnus Frostwake can be found Southwest of the entrance in Caer Darrow.

What He Sells
Magnus Frostwake sells various Alchemy recipes and Blacksmithing patterns. For Alchemists he sells the recipes for Major Mana Potion and Transmute: Water to Air, both of which Bind on Pick-up. For Blacksmiths he sells plans for Ebon Shiv, Huge Thorium Battleaxe, and Ornate Thorium Handaxe. These too are Bind on Pick-Up. The last Blacksmithing pattern that he sells is not soulbound when picked up, so it is a great item to sell on the auction house. Many people have no idea where to get this pattern, since it does take a quest chain reward just to see the vendor. These plans for Plans: Storm Gauntlets will cost you 4g, but can easily be flipped for 25-50g with little to no competition. Best thing is the actual plans are rare and are blue colored, unlike most vendor purchased plans.


Fuubaar said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the heads up! My alchemist has needed that recipe for a long time now (since it also the most profitable of the TBC transmutes). I'm definately finishing up these quests :)

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

Cold said...

These aren't BC transmutes.

Anonymous said...

Profitable or not, I advise every one to do this quest ! It was my favorite Vanilla quest after Onyxia's !

Anonymous said...

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