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Gold at Level 30 - 200-500g for Logging in!

 There is an easy way to make easy gold at level 30, and all you have to do is log into to your toon.

What you are doing is farming the Razzormaw Hatchling nest, which spawns roughly every 6-8 hours. What I have done is I grabbed an alt that currently isn't being leveled and parked him exactly where the next spawned. I then log in after ever server reset ( or try to ) and whenever I can to check if the nest is there.

I myself have snagged me about 3 of the pets. I've sold them as much as 560g each, and as low as 200g each. Either way it's pure profit for minutes worth of work.

If you also have mining ( as I do ), there are several Silver & Iron Nodes that I pick up. It's extra gold even if you don't get the pet. On top of all this, this is a great place to grind out a level or two, once at thirty. The Mobs drop tons of green which can be AH'ed, and there is also a rare spawn that has a chance to drop [Plans: Iron Counterweight]. These plans are worth quite a bit as they are an awesome BOA enchant for low levels.


Harold said...

What are the coords for the spawn point?

Mageshadow said...

68,30 ish, it's inside the cave

Wes said...

That's an awesome tip. I'll be doing that for sure!

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