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Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) - An Item To Flip

Yesterday I saw a guy spamming in trade selling this pet, I instantly thought wow! that's the first time I've ACTUALLY seen this pet on my server! This pet normally goes for about 10-11k, so I asked if he would sell me the pet for 5k. He instantly said he'd gotten offers for 7k. So I thought that was that until about 30 minutes later he whispers me if I still wanted it for 5k. I instantly said yes, he COD'ed me the pet, an hour later I had it.

It was late at night so I decided not to start spamming trade, and just post on the auction house for 10,750g. I logged in this morning only to find the pet still on the auction house. I decided to go do my daily brewfest kill. I then decided to do my PVP daily, a few seconds after I queued I see, a buyer has been found for your Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw). I was ecstatic, I instantly ran to AH and double checked!

Just comes to show, low balling people can sometimes turn out to become a huge profit. I made about 5k profit from this single flip, I was going to save this pet for cataclysm, but I decided to post it for 11k just for giggles and to my surprise it sold!


Cold said...

I bought a Captured Firefly vanity pet for 2k, which is an excellent deal. I have been trying to flip it for 6k, but no takers through trade or the auction house. It sells for upwards of 10k, but no sales so far. The big thing to remember when flipping high dollar items like this is to be patient. You will find a buyer for your price (as long as its not over-priced) eventually.

Mageshadow said...

This is very true. Patience is required when flipping items like this.

Fuubaar said...

I've seen someone trying to sell it between 27-30k currently. Not sure if someone would pay that amount but good luck to this guy.

Dau said...

Bought one on Agamaggan for 10k recently, flipped it a week later for 19k.. 9k profits ez mode.

Dàchéng said...

Cold said

"It sells for upwards of 10k"

Probably all we know is that people try to sell it at this price. It's hard to get data on what actual sales prices are.

Anonymous said...

Good choice, according to Brianni of warcraftpets the Macaw will drop from mobs zone-wide in Cataclysm.

Anonymous said...

just check warcraft pets brenni doesnt say anything about it being available or not

Anonymous said...

Ive found it on Bloodfeather, only yesterday from a raptor in STV :P

Anonymous said...

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