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Profit From Cooks - Selling Materials For Cooking Daily.

There's good gold to be made here. The first thing I do once I get up is to the Dalaran Cooking Daily/Fishing Daily. The Second thing I do is run to the Auction House and buy the required meat for the Dalaran Cooking Daily. There's great gold to be made here, and no doubt it's extremely easy.

4 out of the 5 Dalaran Cooking Dailies require meat. 3 of those require 2-4 chilled meat, and the last one requires 4 Rhino meat. Both meats can be farmed with ease but they require flying for 2-8 minutes. 

Where To Farm
A great place to farm Rhino Meat is in Storm Peaks. Right around the Engine of Makers there are several Rhino Packs that are easy to chain pull and loot & then skin. I can generally pull a stack of meat in about 5 minutes. On top of the meat you also get leather! A great plus, If I must say.

As for farming chilled meat. I reccomend flying over to Scholozar Basin and farming Hardnuckle Foragers. They have roughly a 61% drop rate on the meat. They are easily chain pullable, and on top of this they are also great for skinners. This is by far one of the best spots to farm Chilled Meat & Borean Leather.

How much gold we talking here?

If you sell the meats in stacks of 2 & 4 ( Chilled Meat ) Or A stack of 4 ( Rhino Meat ), you're going to be making more gold than selling them in bulk. There is a stack of 4 chilled meat on the Auction House right now going for 6g. A stack of 4 Rhino Meat goes for 10g on my server. 

Both of the meats are great money makers. Especially the Rhino Meat. If you're a cook you can also sell the finished product required for the cooking daily, it might fetch for more than the raw meat.


Markco said...

Additional locations:

Mammoth and Worm Meat

Rhino Meat

Mageshadow said...

Awesome spots as well!
I was not aware you did an article related to this one >.< Doh!

Markco said...

Nothing wrong with writing about stuff already covered on JMTC. I was just trying to add to your conversation. Great post btw.

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