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My Level 15 Project - Gold At Low Levels.

Me on my level 15 priest showing off my bags :)
I recently started a little project of my own. I decided to level a priest from 1-15 and see how much gold I could acquire. I only payed for 2 Deadmines runs, which costed me 20g total, and everything else was quested. Most, if not all of the questing was done in Westfall, as this is an awesome place to earn gold & level at the same time By level 15 I had 187g in my bags, more than enough to suffice. Do keep in mind I did not use any professions while leveling, if I would of had , I would of made double the gold.

What Items Sold Best & Why
  • Wool Cloth & Linen Cloth, both of these cloths were one of my biggest source of income. Wool cloth goes for 6-7g per stack, I usually grabbed about 5-6 stacks per paid deadmines run.
  • "Of The Monkey" Gear, another great seller. Twinks are always looking for this type of gear, and they always have a high mark up.
  • Low Level Potions, I sold several for a couple gold pieces, almost everyone wants the low level health potions as they are always handy.
  • Boar Snouts, Flask of Oil, Okra, & Stringy Vulture Meat. These Items are used for a quest in Westfall. Not everyone has the patience to do quests that require things to drop, so they run to the auction house to see if there are any available.
  •  Moss Agates, these are used for Jewelcrafting, they have a  high mark up value due to how rare they can be.
  • Small Eggs, & Clam Meat. Both of these are low level cooking materials, they have a high mark up value. Easily farmed in Westfall.
Why these specific items sold

The reason most of the items sold is because they are either needed for quests, or are used for leveling professions at low levels. Either way level 80's are willing to pay top dollar for these low level materials, because they don't want to go out and waste their time farming these items. To most 80's, 5 gold is nothing, so they would rather buy something that's "cheap" instead of going out and spending their valuable time farming.


MissMediocre said...

I'd never thought of trying to sell low level potions! Whenever I'm leveling someone new I like to see how much gold I can make with them, and will have to start auctioning some of my extra pots! Nice post :)

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