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Mechano Hogs - Craft Them Before It's Too Late!

 Lately I've been wanting to focus on things that will have their value increased come cataclysm. Mechanohogs came up to mind as, not only are they semi low risk, but their prices could shoot up in the middle of Cataclysm. I have 2 sitting in my bank that are just itching to be sold, but they won't until 6 months into Cataclysm, where the materials required to craft them will have risen considerably.

But they have a fixed price!
This is very true and untrue. To make one hog, it requires at bare minimum 12.5k, then it also requires 12 titansteel bars, 2 artic furs and 40 cobalt bolts. I can make a chopper for around 13.8k on my server, that is with buying everything from the auction house.

What's the reasoning behind this!?!?!
Materials are currently in large stock, people are trying to dump as much stuff as possible before Cataclysm hits, so now is the right time to buy these cheap materials from the Auction House. Once Cataclysm hits, I expect the prices for everything that is related to Wrath Of The Lich King, to sky rocket. Why? People are going to be busy playing Cataclysm and therefore, Northrend will be close to empty, materials will not be as heavily available as they currently are.

This means you can craft a chopper for 13.5k-14k, hold onto it for several months and then later sell the chopper for who knows how much! I've got 2 choppers premade already, each crafted at 13.6k each, I expect to sell them at bare minimum price of 17-18k.

But people can farm the materials!
While this is true, not many people are willing to farm all that saronite ore just for a mount. Even then they would have to have several people to rely on ( Miners, Alchemists, Engineers ) to help them craft the final product to be used in making a single choppers.


Moravec said...

Got a guildie to make one for me last night - gost me 14k overall, but I did buy the Schematic for him too

Anonymous said...

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Mageshadow said...

@Anonymous, that will be after the release so materials will have already risen.

The Point of this is to tell you to make them as people are flooding the auction house with cheap materials. When Cataclysm hits, all of the materials will rise due to Northrend not being farmed as heavily as it is right now.

Anonymous said...

Just mass titansteel, arctic fur ext...

Not the vendor items, come cataclysm, with the guild perks, you could buy items 10% less, saving you 1k

Anonymous said...

This is a bad idea. Not only are you tying up a lot of capital in one asset. It's an asset that illiquid and of which 90% has zero chance of appreciating. If your so confident about the price of Northrend ores then stock those in raw form. Don't spend your gold on something that has such a poor annualized return.

Anonymous said...

Not all the materials will rise in cost: Titanium will fall as it will still be a byproduct of mining but will have few other uses (cf. eternium); same with Arctic Fur.

This is not for everyone. It is a long-term, low-risk, low-return (percentage-wise) investment. For someone with a lot of capital who has already invested everywhere else and just wants to invest against inflation, this looks attractive.

In addition to the vendor parts being cheaper in the future as mentioned above, stocking the mats instead of the vehicles also ties up less capital and gives you more options.

Just my opinion, of course. :)

Sterling said...

Hello Mageshadow!

The way I see it, there's only 1 advantage to making choppers over stockpiling ores etc: bag space. For someone with enough capital though, this becomes a non-issue.

None of the estimated resale price for the chopper comes from the vendor materials. The inflation comes strictly from the other materials.

To each their own, of course, but I wouldn't make choppers.


I suppose it will depend on how easily available those gobline trikes will be. if they add a war mount version then I don't see hogs selling much anymore if at all. They only benefit they'll have is a passanger option. If they add a cloth quartermaster it will probably still sell but some will opt for the rep route instead. If neither then you'll probably be able to make quite some cash on it. People are lazy after all :P

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