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Quick Update About Myself & ZG

A giant rooster! <3
Man this week has been crazy! I made 300k dealing with TCG mounts. I dropped my raiding guild and joined a different one. I've been farming ZG to hell ( or have been trying to ). Crazy crazy week!

I've been farming ZG until everything is cleared. Currently I am just trying to get exalted with the Zandalar Tribe, but after that I plan on just grabbing everything I possibly can... you never know what it might be worth later down the road.  Sadly I do not have either of the mounts as of yet... :(

I got my magical rooster egg! It only costed me the low low... extra super duper special price of 100k.... :D I don't really mind spending so much on a mount... I've wanted it ever since it came out. I only know of 2 people on my server who has this mount, so I like to show it off :)

I finally decided to stop raiding. It's just not worth it anymore. The gear you get from Icecrown Citadel is pointless. It's going to be replaced within a week of cataclysms release. I've joined a guild that does guild events & achievements. To be honest ICC is just old content and the guild I was in refused to even step into Ruby Sanctum.


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