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Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt - An Easy Flip!

I picked up this pattern about a month ago on the alliance side Auction House for 49g. Since then It's been posted up countless times at 2500g, for about 3 straight weeks, and then today I suddenly dropped the price down to 1500g, to my surprise it sold within a few minutes. This is as far as I know one of the rarest tailoring patterns in the game ( don't quote me on this! ), that is why it sells for so much. It's a world drop from vanilla, therefore it's pretty difficult to farm this.

This pattern is a world drop from vanilla and below, if you were trying to farm this your best bet would to kill the world dragons. Even then the dragon is a pain to catch as they have long respawn timers. This is an item to add to your snatch list and keep checking on every day just to see if it's there. I would be willing to pay up to 1,000g for this recipe, just so I can flip it at almost double that price.

One of the strategies I used to sell this was I first posted the item at a high price for about 3 weeks, this gave people who regularly scan the Auction House a starter price. After about 3 weeks I would lower the price by almost 40-50%, that way the people who have seen it in the past 3 weeks see that, the item is going for well below it's regular price and they proceed to buy it out. This can be done with almost any high value item if it's rare and it isn't commonly seen at the Auction House. It might seem a little evil, but hey it's just smart thinking!


Finan said...

I've been collecting recipes for quite a while. While this is indeed a rare recipe, it is not the rarest tailoring recipe. That distinction goes to the Star Belt pattern.

A word of advice though; these only have value to collectors/completionists and this is something that varies on every realm. On one realm a rare recipe could go for 1,000 gold while on another server it could go for 4,000. Make sure to do your research before investing a large amount in any recipe.

Mageshadow said...

While true, Finan, It's still an item to add to your snatch list, because someone might not know the value of the item and they post it for extremely cheap ( like in my case )

Cold said...

I highly disagree with you both. Selling this shirt is actually my favorite niche market. Don't sell this pattern - Learn it! This is a big time money maker. I am horde side, where I get full stacks of silk for under 1g, often under 50s for full stacks! I sell these all week long as the only supplier for 10g-25g. I play around with the pricing, just to offer it cheaper in trade chat. I have sold a lot for 25g each. If I post them at 10g, they sell faster, but I have found a happy medium at 16g per shirt.

Mageshadow said...

It's true that it might good to actually learn the pattern and sell it, but even after that, you can pick up the pattern and flip it.

Either way, even picking up this pattern for super cheap can make you several thousand gold.

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