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Update about Me

I've managed to transfer my mage to horde side. Right now I only have Engineering and Enchanting to work with, but I do plan on leveling a DK along with my mage. Real life has taken up most of my time, so WoW and the blog have been pushed back.

I'm really liking horde side right now, I played a couple BG's and they all went smoothly, no bitching or complaining from anyone. Our alliance side of our server didnt even run GDKP, horde side has 1 guild that does. I instantly signed myself up. GDKP is a great way to earn gold, I don't need any gear besides a token, but with cataclysm nearing I'm not going to waste  my gold on something that will for sure get replaced in Cataclysm.

As for the blog, I need you help. Anything you wish to e-mail me about making gold would be great. Right now the way the blog work is I write up the next day's blog post the day before, and I do have some back up topics that I can post about, but the list is getting slimer and slimer. Any help with gold making tips would be appreciated!


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